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Comment laracegirl

on 9/8/2014 7:47:42 PM Says

Sean Reynolds

The Cheater:

The Comment: I have been datin him ssince 6/11/2012. He has been txtin exes tryin to get back with them, tellin them he loves them, txtin/sextin/callin other women for sex. All the while tellin me he loves me an has never cheated, etc. Ive caught him in his lies thru txtin an ex gf an she told me everythin. I also created a fake facebook an email an added an app for txt on my phone. He contacted me immediately wantin nude pics an makin plans to have sex. He is a loser, liar an cheater. He also verbally abuses me daily. He only wants me arouund to babysit his son while he works (hes a trucker). He claims to have a reptile zoo which it doesnt exist (kempner springs herpetological center an zoo) he has several emails but the ones i know of bein: kshcz@yahoo.com, txrrz@yahoo.com an whytetyger03@yahoo.com. He also has another phone 4693539696. He works for Exodus Transline in Dallas, TX. DO NOT CONTACT OR DATE HIM! He will destroy u AND ur life! Trust me it an he is not worth the trouble! He also is a pedophile/child molester.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 512

Comment beenused01

on 9/8/2014 1:29:56 PM Says

Richard Brian Buckner

The Cheater:

The Comment: This makes me sick! I met Brian on a dating website recently. I was finally able to meet up with him for the first time a few nights ago. He seemed like a fairly nice guy, but my perception of him soon changed. Didn't mention a thing about his kids, which from this site I found out that he has 3. I caught him in several lies about things he told me on the phone nights prior. THEN I see a message pop up from another girl asking if they were still on for the night! I tried to brush it off as nothing. Kept trying to sweet talk me into going home to watch a movie. Nope, that ended the night right there. If I wasn't trying to find his Facebook after through Google when we started talking I wouldn't had came across this. Seeing is beleiving now.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment sjs007

on 9/7/2014 6:10:10 PM Says

Steve stowers

The Cheater:

The Comment: Ladies, beware of this abusive, porn addicted asshole. Steve tries to pass himself off as a wholesome , family oriented "nice guy

The State:

The Area Code:


on 9/6/2014 9:22:04 PM Says


The Cheater:


The State: AZ

The Area Code: 602

Comment enoughalready

on 9/6/2014 8:17:52 PM Says

paul jones

The Cheater:

The Comment: Paul is a compulsive liar and serial cheater. He cheats with online whores, work and or personal acquaintances, past girl friends, and women he meets through online dating sites....all the while being in a "committed" relationship / marriage. He professes his undying love to the woman of the moment, and then returns homes with no remorse or conscience. Beware. He is slick and narcissistic to the extreme. He's a professional player and knows how to work the game.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 817

Comment Tech717sWife

on 9/6/2014 4:37:34 PM Says

Gabriel H

The Cheater:

The Comment: Married, 3kids

The State: CA

The Area Code: 626

Comment justletitbe

on 9/5/2014 1:23:55 AM Says

Richard Brian Buckner

The Cheater:

The Comment: For those of you posting mean and nasty things shame on you. I'm pretty sure that at one time or another everyone has made decisions that they are not proud of I know I have. Now, think about all of those things being posted on the internet for anyone to read. Your family, your friends, your boss, potential employers. Not a very good thought is it?? I know you think you are justified to do this but it's hurtful and defamatory. The dating world is full of liars, cheaters, and manipulators. You get hurt, you feel foolish, but you get through it, learn from it, and you move on.

As for the individual saying Brian gave you and STI maybe you shouldn't have been having unprotected sex.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment misspeach88

on 9/5/2014 12:45:28 AM Says

Gary Leach

The Cheater:

The Comment: goes by screennames Gare130, Mr McGuire, SUMNER98390, tan_with_shorts....email is okeepanokeeme@yahoo.com, has haave fa ebook that he's not active on but another one.is made exposing his.lying cheating ways in case women look for.him on FB....there is also a group page made called Gary Leach Narcissist Cheat, just enter that in the FB search box and.you will see.spongebob squarepants proclaiming "YOURE A WHORE" join the group and.lets compare notes...so far he has been cheating on this.poor fiance for.what appears to.be years now....time for Gary to.get kicked out of his playground and go live in a van down by the river!!!

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment JJGillet

on 9/3/2014 11:52:52 PM Says

michael duncan

The Cheater:

The Comment: My daughter "the girl friend" has been dating this fraud for weeks now and going through the same stuff. I would love to find out some more truth to help her.... She still wants to believe his stories and is heart broken as he knows. How many wives and how many children? How many girlfriends and why is it so hard to find information?

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Faithful love

on 9/3/2014 11:25:23 PM Says

Howie Lucero

The Cheater:

The Comment: My life has been devastated by a lying, deceitful, cheating husband. Porn addict, many craigslist affairs. He has has multiple affairs with both men and women. I gave him my love, life and money. I was so proud of him and treated him like a king. I loved him immensely.

He took advantage of me in every way. Neglected me is more like it. I gave and he took.

The State: FL

The Area Code: 904

Comment Bite this

on 9/3/2014 10:32:27 PM Says

Bogdan Kukharsky

The Cheater:

The Comment: The sex with him sucks.

You must be a lame lay or very inexperienced.

He never showers at night, he smells, never trims.

By the time you had sex with him, he probably was sucked off by 2 other women prior to you when all he does is push your head down since most of the time he has drunk beer and of wine profusely.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment 7773786

on 9/3/2014 4:16:52 PM Says

Josh Gephart

The Cheater:

The Comment: EXTREME cheater...

The State: IN

The Area Code: 812

Comment justletitbe

on 9/3/2014 3:13:26 PM Says

Richard Brian Buckner

The Cheater:

The Comment: you all have got to stop this...truth or not..bad person or not. NO ONE DESERVES THIS.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment emii

on 9/3/2014 6:02:35 AM Says

jason dunscombe

The Cheater:

The Comment: nuts

The State: CA

The Area Code:

Comment heartbreakdiva

on 9/2/2014 12:53:47 PM Says

Glen Jeffery

The Cheater:

The Comment: Habitual liar, serial cheater, targets women with children. Very charismatic,says all the right words, makes you feel special, but it's all a game. He is a sex addict and one woman will never be enough. Make sure you don't pay for anything and he wears a condom. He is a user

The State: MO

The Area Code: 417

Comment cat120

on 8/31/2014 11:35:35 AM Says

Rob Mattern

The Cheater:

The Comment: liar, manipulator, controlling, cheater. suspected bi-sexual

The State: SD

The Area Code: 605

Comment jan draper

on 8/31/2014 3:29:27 AM Says

Alan Richert

The Cheater:

The Comment:

complete liying scumbag cheater.

The State: OK

The Area Code: 405

Comment Fell4It

on 8/30/2014 11:24:43 PM Says

Arda Ocal

The Cheater:

The Comment: Current city: Stamford CT

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Also claims to be from Toronto, Ontario

Last residence: with his girlfriend in Vancouver, BC

He is proud of the fact that he manipulates his words to get around telling the truth, giving just enough information for it to be interpreted as somewhat accurate or believable. He regularly lies to his family and best friends, among others, and brags about it. That should have been the first sign.

He thinks his job in broadcasting makes him irresistible to women, and he uses it to hunt single women on Facebook and Plenty of Fish, randomly adding them, then striking up a chat. He calls them "emotional fluffers" - their sole purpose is to puff up his ego so he can be worshipped like a hero.

All if his previous girlfriends have accused him of cheating and he has turned it back on them accusing them of being crazy, paranoid, and defensive.

The State: CT

The Area Code:

Comment thinklikeaman

on 8/30/2014 8:43:34 PM Says

Louis C Wilson

The Cheater:

The Comment: I've known Louis since 2007. we became lovers in 2008. I tried to. real off our relationship several times to no success because he exclaimed, "that I don't have a choice in the matter. He will never let me go.". He is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is an expert liar and manipulator

who preys on vulnerable Christian women as well as those who don't care. It was Jan, 2011 when he became more attentive toward me.

We were seeing each other regularly. He claimed to be committed to me only. His text messages and love letters attest to that; women would die for those love letters. His talk of marriage got to the point

where he wanted me to add him to my financial accounts. I balked at that. To him I am "cheap". He wanted me to buy him an Audi or a BMW. No deal; according to him he was just teasing me to get my ire up. I forbid him to tease me like that but he kept it up so I just ignored him. I just finished taking him on a 1473 mile car trip at my expense for him to visit football museums, etc. due to his constant nagging request. Then about 10 days later of not getting any telephone responses from him, I went to his house to deliver belongings that he left behind in my car. There I caught him with another woman. He told me no other woman is allowed in his house but me. Yet, she was using his bedroom and master bathroom! So I checked to see if my self-portrait is in his bedroom. Not at all. I discovered a large photo of another woman hugging on his neck from behind and the link on his face indicated that he was in Heaven. It said love and kisses on that photo. Then he had another large photo

of same woman on his bedside table with love and kisses written all over that photo as well. He would never have a photo of us together.

I figure he was camera shy. Those photos and women's toiletries were never in his house all the times I have visited him . Like I stated earlier, his text messages and love letters assured me that he loves and adores me and that I was his one and only woman. Beware of this

pathological liar and narcissistic user and manipulator of women! This is a man who claims to be a Christian and who prays over his meals.

He always wears a gold plated St. Christopher medallion pendant around his neck. I've never re seen him take it off in the 7 yrs. I've

known him. His BD was recently and he is now 61 yrs. old (I think, with catching him in so many lies I just don't really know what is true about him.)

The State: VA

The Area Code: 804

Comment IF ONLY

on 8/30/2014 12:48:57 PM Says


The Cheater:

The Comment: Good women be careful of this cheating man! I found him in bed with my roommate after we had been engaged for almost a year. He made promises to never cheat again and less than 2 weeks later he was trying to get with my cousin at the club. Soon after, the real Yarnell Cosby began revealing himself pretty regularly and the sweet man I thought I had met was now non existent. This man talks a good talk, but walks a very foul walk.

The State: AZ

The Area Code: 602

Comment Cheaterhater12

on 8/30/2014 7:13:37 AM Says

Leeza Ann Rearick fisher

The Cheater:

The Comment: She's lying about dating sites, about texting dating sites, about adult dating sites, and I want to know.

The State: PA

The Area Code: 17887

Comment thinkcat

on 8/28/2014 4:53:33 PM Says

Bogdan Kukharsky

The Cheater:

The Comment: I feel you girl my name is sofia. I used to date him like 10 yrs ago but it looks like he hsnt change a thing if u wanna expose him world wide let me know I own a few pages

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment jammal778

on 8/28/2014 3:57:49 PM Says

Brandie Lewis

The Cheater:

The Comment: Brandie Lewis is the ultimate slut and will do anything to get with black cock. Beware of her lies and deception. Somebody needs to stop this bitch!

The State: NC

The Area Code: 778

Comment FAVeronique

on 8/27/2014 10:15:29 PM Says

Martin Hickey

The Cheater:

The Comment: Martin hickey is a embraer pilot at air Canada. He s a douchebag. He's .been cheating on his poor wife for years with flight attendants and gate agents at hotels near the montreal airport. I met his wife at a Kingston military college reunion a few years ago and didn't have the heart to tell her. Martin hickey needs therapy. His sex addiction and texting addiction are serious. I hope his wife has a good lawyer...

The State: AK

The Area Code: 613

Comment playermike

on 8/27/2014 8:37:39 PM Says

Dina Randall

The Cheater:

The Comment: Dina such a pretty name for such a masculine, sin ugly, I hit every branch falling out of the UGLY tree looking HOE. Good news though in Indiana you are considered hot so ride with it sister. Dina you are more then welcome to have and run my company , It's 9 inches and in my pants. Dina looks more like Danny. I thought this cheating HOE was a man when I first looked at this pic. Way too fugly to be a gold digger. Oops...Indiana. They lowered the bar there though. She must be searching for the rich guys by delivering some mind blowin' ass to mouth. Want some advice? Go to a senior center. You might have luck there.Chances are, they are too blind to see your penis.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment mouse330

on 8/26/2014 11:48:06 PM Says

Richard Brian Buckner

The Cheater:

The Comment: curious if he has found someone worthy enough to tell the truth to and about this page????????

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment NatalieRenee

on 8/26/2014 11:32:18 PM Says

Seymour Collier

The Cheater:

The Comment: Dated this man for almost 3 years. Apparently I was the mistress with his last gf and she was the mistress with his wife. Compulsive liar. None of us knew he was with the other. So If you are with him now then you were the mistress. He can't commit, keep a job, put down the blunt, or keep it up that long. Don't let him use you like he used me and everyone before me

The State: WV

The Area Code:

Comment Philena

on 8/26/2014 6:00:05 PM Says

Adriana Parra Benitez

The Cheater:

The Comment: This Colombiana messed around w/my husband for months. She was contacted by a third party to come clean and meet with a PI to further confirm evidence collected about her and she never responded. She was warned that she would be exposed as a Cheater so this Latin Hussy has no one to blame but herself!

The State: FL

The Area Code: 772

Comment youknowwho

on 8/25/2014 4:33:04 PM Says

Richard L Haslitt Sr

The Cheater:

The Comment: Richard L Haslitt Sr Aka Rich works for Baldwin Technology Company a Forsyth Capital Company 8040 Forsyth Blvd. St Louis Mo 63105. Rich Haslitt office is located at Paper Converting Machine Company 2300 South Ashland Avenue Green Bay WI 54307. rich.haslitt@baldwintech.com (920) 606-2832

Rich Haslitt is the IT Operations Manager for Baldwin Company owns manufacturing locations worldwide. Rich Haslitt travels to each of these locations to set up the company on the corporate network.

January 2014 Rich Haslitt traveled to Hong Kong and Japan for business that is where he meet his mistress Jessica Magtibay she is from Makati in the Philippines she was also in Hong Kong on business. They thought it was a great idea to have an affair even after Jessica found out Rich Haslitt is married for 28 years and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren waiting for him at home. They continue the affair and planned 3 other business trips together/vacations stayed in the same hotel, went out for $300.00 dinners, large amount of alcohol was purchased for both of them, dry cleaning for Jessica, and cologne all on Baldwin Tech credit card for 6 months. Rich Haslitt still has contact with Jessica and still spending company money on personal items. Rich Haslitt purchase entire new wardrobe in May 2014 on his company credit cards.

Rich Haslitt is not only facing a divorce he is charged with a felony I intent to cause bodily harm to his wife. Rich thought it was a good idea to slam his wife face into the wall and cause her stitches to her nose which left a nice large scar.

Baldwin Technology and their divisions are big on people treating people with respect and they donate money to the local women's shelter. How do you think Baldwin Tech would feel that their It Operations Manager is a lair, cheat, thief and abuser?

Now Rich is still traveling worldwide living off Baldwin Tech money and withholding money from his wife and not paying any of his bills.

Rich Haslitt appointed his son and sister Sheri Duckart from Maribel WI to show up to his divorce hearings after Rich Haslitt rescheduled the first hearing. Just to buy time so he did need to help out his wife. What a winner!

Rich Haslitt is the type of person I would want working on my global network. (NOT!)

All I have to say;

Liar, Cheater, Thief, Abuser = Rich Haslitt

The State: WI

The Area Code: 920

Comment TheTruthWillSetYouFree2014

on 8/25/2014 1:13:39 PM Says

Andrea Taurino

The Cheater:

The Comment: My name is Andrea Taurino, born on December 25, 1969, in Rome, Italy raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am married to Sonia Monteiro Rocha Taurino, with who I have three children.

I have three companies, Taurino Racing, Capristo Exhaust and GTF

I have been cheating on my wife since South Africa. Every time I go out of town without my son, I find myself with one or two women at a time. When my wife goes out with my children I go out with our neighbor Gia.

I can not be trusted. My telephone number is: 770-864-8380.

I have accounts for my extra activities under gianotaurino@gmail.com.

My wife is so stupid that she will never find out of my extra activities because my friends hides it from her. She may be a brunette but she behaves like a true blond.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment BurnedByFilipina

on 8/24/2014 5:54:12 PM Says

Ilene Joy Pederson

The Cheater:

The Comment: Ilene Joy Lindaan Pederson (everyone calls her Joy) lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is from the Philippines, and basically used me for the purpose of being able to immigrate to the US, get a green card, and secure US citizenship. We met online several years ago, and I traveled to Davao, Philippines to meet her in person. I instantly fell in love with Joy, and she professed her love for me, so I proposed marriage. While I was waiting for her visa to be approved, I received a call from Davao, from someone who knew her, warning me of Joy's true nature. I was informed that Joy worked as a prostitute in a bar in Davao, and was always seeking men who would bring her to the US, but I was so blinded by love, I ignored the warnings. Once Joy arrived in the US, and we were married, things started to change. She started going out to discos frequently with friends, never telling me where she was going. I trusted her, so I didn't complain, but when I asked her if I could come along, she always said that it was just "girls' night." After I obtained her US citizenship for her, Joy moved to a different bedroom, and was very distant. I treated her like a queen, and even took her to Europe, Las Vegas, on a Carnival cruise, and other trips that she always begged me to go on. Although Joy had a full time job, I never asked her to contribute anything to our finances. Several months ago, after I tried to get Joy to open up about why she was so cold to me, Joy moved out of the house, after which I discovered that she was having an affair with a man named Jamey Davis, who lived in Tennessee, but traveled frequently to San Antonio on business. I called Jamey Davis, and he was very apologetic, claiming that Joy had told him that she was separated. I later discovered, by looking at Joy's frequent flier account, that one week before she left me, she had booked a ticket to Nashville to spend Christmas with her lover. I tried to cancel the trip, and begged Joy to go to counseling, but she was determined to pursue her lover. Joy and I have recently divorced, and I feel so heartbroken and, yes, angered that I was played for a fool from the very beginning. This woman has no sense of decency or loyalty, and views marriage as merely a tool for financial gain. In effect, Joy committed immigration fraud by using a sham marriage to gain entry to the US. Beware of this woman. She is an incredible actress, and seems sweet and innocent on the outside, when in fact she always has an agenda.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 210

Comment victorioussa

on 8/24/2014 11:04:32 AM Says

hector vargas

The Cheater:

The Comment: Yeah good

The State: NV

The Area Code: 89104

Comment Jerky

on 8/24/2014 10:04:15 AM Says

Mike Loughran

The Cheater:

The Comment: Mike Loughran Apex Locations

I am here to warn women against this man. This man only sees a woman as a means to profit. He deliberately chooses women who are very vulnerable at the time. He is a mastered con-artist and has way of making women feel needed while he pushes all your nurturing buttons. to such a point that you want help this poor sweet man with the hard luck life. And you do want to help (BullCrap). You are in process of being conned. And you find yourself at the ATM pulling out hundreds for him, because he will not take a check. In fact you will pay for everything. You want to buy and give him everything. He sucks you dry and at this point you are being replaced, he keeps you around until he has a promising replacement.

He makes a disclaimer before he starts a relationship and describes what he and a clerical worker in the police department did to an ex-girlfriend and will do to you. (IF) The ex- girlfriend asked him to pay her back for all the loans and asked him to return some possessions. Because he found and conned this civilian worker in the police dept. The two of stopped at nothing to ruin her life. In the end the ex-girlfriend was jailed and put in prison for harassment. She is the first and only woman ever to receive a felony charge and prison time of the crime of harassment. What happened to her when she was placed in MAX. Sec. Jail is another story in itself. This poor woman lost her life and livelihood and fortune due to wrongful felony convictions. The cases are in the process of being over-turned on just the civil rights violations alone. It is very disturbing to know just how far this guy and the police assistant where able to take this persucation , and how they got away with it, up until now. There is no fact checking within the police department and his complaints where never tested. The clerical worker in the police department pulled herself off as a true detective. This is the 2nd time this police worker has been exposed and prohibited from taking anymore complaints against this ex-girlfriend, yet this police assistant continues to do so and even after 6 years these two people are still filled with p*** and vinegar, they just don’t stop. This is important to mention so you can see how this creep can get into some one’s head and make them do things completely out of their character. This police assistant divorced her husband for Mike and now she will lose her job, only to make this loser happy. She doesn’t realize it now but Mike the bullshiter will never have anything more to do with her. Her name is Vicki Leswick (remember this name), she ruined her own life for this creep who doesn’t give two shits about her. What she did give to Mike is his first and only sense of power and success. And this is the only success of his life.. She had given him the power to destroy a good person’s life. And Mike wears it as a badge of honor and never stops bragging about it. It is the only thing he can brag about, because he is by choice a loser. What this bragging is really doing; is turning people off, Men see him as a pansy that needs a good a**-kicking, and he is underestimating how many friend the ex-girlfriend really has and her own connections. (Remember she was jail and in prison because she made the mistake of asking for her money back, and one does not do that to Mike.

The way works: the way he looks:

I would like to tell you what this loser really Because he never conned me, and I am emotionally unattached to the situation. Mike is a high school dropout as he knows nothing about anything. He does not generate any income for himself and reports a pittance of income to the IRS. He will never receive any Soc.Sec. benefits. He will need someone to support him for the rest of his life. He has no work ethic: He cancels on clients at the last minute especially if he has a new stock of drugs and he never works in the summer and maybe only once or twice with a year. He has been sued and suspended from working in his field (driving motor homes and buses) for production people making commercials and so on.. (Wow how impressive-joke) His Clients leave disgraceful comments about his service and they never return to him again. If Mike does take a job for a day or two, he then needs several days lying on his duct taped couch to recover.

He does not love or even like his victims and feels no remorse for the way he has treats the people he claims to LOVE, and now he believes he is assured that should anyone ask for repayment of loans or the return of possessions could go to prison. He is unaware that he will soon be under fire. And his little police friend cannot help him anymore.

It is confusing as to how many middle aged women allow themselves to be conned and want to love him. Especially strange because Mike really is an ugly creature inside and out. He has a small pin head, horrible acne scars, and twisted tobacco stained teeth. He has no hygiene and always smells sour. He suffers from a chromosomal disorder and carriers a double set of female sex chromosomes. While most men carry an XY, and women carry an XX, Mike’s carry’s an XXY. I work in genetics and I am very well aware of this disorder as Mike displays all the symptoms. Learning disabilities, poor posture, tall with abnormally long arms. He looks much older than his actual age. He has a B-cup of breast tissue and he has no body hair. His muscles are floppy and soft and so is his skin. His hands are very small for his size and his shape is weird. He carries his weight like a woman (on his hips and a** with saddle bags on the back of his thighs. Mike is also sterile and has a micro p****. I know this for a fact because I own a Nikon microscope and he wanted me to look at his s****; he told me he has slept hundreds of women and no one ever got pregnant. There wasn’t any s**** on the slide, not even defective ones, completely blank. Thank God that this sorry excuse for a human being cannot reproduce.

I am not saying anyone should hold his disorder against him, he cannot help that, but he could help is own disposition and treat people well. He should be humbled.

The way He Lives:

Mike lives in a trailer park; his trailer was made in the 1930’s and is a small single wide trailer hosted up on cement blocks. He is filthy. But how can I describe the way it smells: The trailer smells of smoke and dog p*** and body order. Nicotine drips from the walls and paper posters are hung with thumb tacks covering large termite holes. All of his electronics are cheap no-name products and he is a hoarder. And all his furniture (there isn’t much) is torn and held together with duct tape. There is something wrong with every appliances. His tap water runs dark brown in color. He must wash his dishes and shower and if he does brush his teeth it is in this grainy dirty water. He does not have an ice maker and who wants s*** brown ice cubes. The trailer park houses truly poor people and is so old; I don’t think the City will ever try to correct the water.

Unless he has a girlfriend, his diet is limited to Top Ramon and Mac and Cheese and Chef Boyardee. He has no air-conditioning and It is impossible to stay the night with him for this any many more reasons. Mike’s breath is very foul and he smells so bad, sleeping with him is very unpleasant. If he does have sheets on the bed, they are very dirty and crusty. In other words don’t wear white and then go into that trailer; your a** will be black from the furniture and sitting on the floor is even worse,your white dress will be ruined.

Mike in Bed:

Mike doesn’t have a clue about a woman’s anatomy. He does not want to know it is all about him. He presses all his weight on top of her and suffocates the woman.

The Vises:

Mike abuses drugs and is a chronic high functioning alcoholic, but on many occasions he takes it too far and passes out drunk on his lumpy mattress with metal springs breaking through the fabric. Mike was very excited because he only paid 50.00 dollars for his brand name mattess. (I spent 1,500 on my mattress) Despite these horrible living conditions he is still able to convince women to give up their apartments, Condos and houses and move into this disgusting trailer park.

The financial Losses

I realize just how much this guy was finically draining me when I could no longer go into a store and buy a cute pair of jeans or a handbag because I didn’t have enough money in my account. I have never been that poor since college. I worked hard to get where I am and I had to consider lowering my station to support him. (I wasn’t going to it for such an mean person)

This man hates women and all people. I am one of his victims and I am here to avenge myself and everyone else he has destroyed.

My friends will be setting up a website that contains some prints and a video of Mike’s body failing while he is passed out dead drunk on his bed with no sheets. It is repulsive, he is repulsive. The website will expose all his vises and his embarrassing acts will be on display. It is a very humiliating video and it will ruin him. Unless, he starts paying his ex-girl back, and that means all the loans, and legal fees. She wants 400.00 a month, he has two months to start paying, or it goes up. Remember what he did to her: Lying and conniving and working to have her inprisoned. And if I could I would tell some of the other women’s stories, they are just as bad.

I would like to take a minute and describe some of Mike’s cruelest acts to me (and he knows who I am and so does his little police friend.) There is an amendment protecting my free speech.

Mike is an underachiever by choice. He is the laziest man I have ever encountered. I am so much more established than he, and he is jealous. He deliberately broke my Waterford crystal bowl, he spilled bleach on my brand new 2,000 dollar rug, and was upset when I was able to die the fabric and the stain was no longer visible. He sawed my beautiful tree to a stub and cut off all the branches, includingthe branch were I hung a double swing. He killed my beautiful flower garden with Round Up and said sorry I thought it was miracle grow. I had bought a new car and sold my old car for 5,000 cash. I was keeping the cash in my silverware draw until I could go to the bank in the morning, he stole 3,000 of it. and denied it on his life. He was the only person in my house with the money. He did this to me after all the money I gave him and all the money I spent on him.

When Mike and the police assistant came after the ex-girlfriend (I met her and she is very sweet) for a 2nd time 5 years later from the first attack. The assistant promised Mike that she would have her in prison for a very long time. That did not happen and the judge said this is not on the up and up. No jail time and dismissed the charge. Mike is pissed he already bragged to his low-life friends and his emotional disabled girlfriends that she was in prison, but she was not and now Mike and company he keeps are followed and photographed by a Private Investigator. The P.I. thinks Mike is so emasculated by his actions and is really working hard to shut him down.

My goal in writing this blog is to warn women about this half man half female XXY he/she and for a chance to expose him. His girlfriends and wives revolve very quickly and anyone of you could find yourself caught up in his miserable life. He does not give a s*** about anyone and he has never been in love. He does not have what it takes to be man. Perhaps and because of his hormonal problems it has affected is ability to be social and kind. But he can really pretend he cares (for a minute). This Guy is the most regrettable event in my life. The ex-girlfriend I mentioned feels that she had been cursed. I hate this horrible man, and look forward to publishing the web-site dedicated to him. He has nothing to offer anyone except to bring them down and welcome them to a life of working your a** to support him. Lazy Lazy Loser

Please leave a comment, and if you want or need more information or photos, Soc. Sec. number, address, or court records they will be on the web-site, but I can also provide them for you.

Thank you for listening.

The State: AZ

The Area Code: 602

Comment WendyRoo

on 8/24/2014 8:56:23 AM Says

Dale Englade

The Cheater:

The Comment: This guy is one smooth talker. He will promise to travel the world with you, call and text you 20 times a day, then nothing! He still continues to post on Facebook and adds "friends"--trashy slutty women he meets at truck stops. He's an over-the-road truck driver. He will charm the pants off you with his cajun accent, then once you sleep with him, he disappears. The reason for my warning: Sleeping with him was the biggest joke! Lacking in size, stamina, and staying power. Don't waste your time ladies!

The State: LA

The Area Code: 985

Comment christiangrl

on 8/24/2014 7:52:58 AM Says

George Joseph Gates

The Cheater:

The Comment: He also has multiple girlfriends at the same time. I found out not only was I his girlfriend, but he never broke up with his last girlfriend while we were together.

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment MommyOf02

on 8/23/2014 7:41:16 AM Says

Adrian Crosthwaite

The Cheater:

The Comment: This guy is nothing but a lying cheater not sure what he wants out of life... He has 7 kids 3 baby mommas lives with his 7th child's mother and 3 of his other kids she takes care of him the his kids and all

He knows how to do is find new women to meet. He finds women on plenty of fish makes excuses to go out and see these women. Saves all the females names and phone numbers under other men's name..... In the past 2 weeks he has managed to meet over 10 different women. On his profile he claims he is in real estate that's a lie he claims he's 37 when he's 41 born in 1971.... This guy is not to be trusted very convincing that his lies are the truth enter at your own risk

The State: CA

The Area Code: 951

Comment jenleehat

on 8/23/2014 1:54:31 AM Says

Jason b Tatom

The Cheater:

The Comment: Within five minutes of meeting via Craig's List casual encounters in January he was asking me about anal sex. I explained that I don't do such an intimate act unless in a ltr. He agreed.

Was very kind and even presently plays kind and then mean like an orchestrated conductor. He kept me believing we were a couple striving for honesty and monogamy with mutual play, threesomes, or the like but never without one another.

He is relentless about anal sex being the most preferred way of intimacy. I wasn't a fan but it pleased him very much. Well, that's when he can cum cause his lil dickey got broke from SSRI intake as a teen after a stint in the state hospital in high school land he rarely cums during sex with whatever random hookup whore he can meet and cums constantly from masturbation..

Within the first week we agreed on monogamy he asked to have a girl over. He claims that as a scientist he understands the male biological need to spread their seed in as many females as possible. He justifies his deceit, lies, constant porn viewing on his phone and laptop, pornographic forums where he posts without permission current pics/vids of his "girlfriends" body, face, privates and toys he uses on her without permission, and his constant chatting with women via any social network he can find AS EVERY MANS NECESSITY TO HUNT DOWN FEMALES TO PLANT THEIR SEED IN THEM AND EVERY MALE LIES TO THE FEMALE TO GET HER AND CHEATS ON HER ONCE SHE HAS BEEN SEEDED. It's animalistic. It's human. They can't help it.

The best thing about this site is how it pops up within the first pages of a google search and when more than just possible new females to plant others such as friends, professors, and colleagues can access such info because his hurtful and mean behavior extends into these areas as well.

He is a self proclaimed introvert cause he admits he is constantly paying attention to everyone's actions to learn best how to manipulate them to do for him once he figures out that task in their nature to act out for him so that he may best benefit from playing them like a puppet. He deceives by either not answering direct questions or by answering with a differing question. Sometimes he just doesn't answer a direct question at all and changes the topic. He lies constantly to view human behavior like we are all lab rats.

That's how we ended. He promised me that he would be in a monogamous ltr with me if I engaged regularly in anal sex. I did. Between January to July he cheated on me a known 5 times, 5 different women, all met on the internet with none providing medical info showing they were std free, he just fucked them all anal without a condemn. He excuses these indecent actions by saying it is because he judges people so harshly and he's so incredibly intelligent he just knows who doesn't have an std. Even though he did get hpv once and hasn't been rechecked since the warts were removed 5-7 years ago. He is constantly on the phone more than he pays attention to those in the room with him stating he's keeping up with npr--NewPussyRoaming-is more like it.

I finally broke up and left him two days ago after he straight faced admitted to lying to me within out first hours of texting that he would ltr just so he could get my anal cuz I admitted that I had rarely done such and I wasn't interested unless it was an intimate and loving relationship. He said it was never his intention to do so with me but said he would and acted out the part just to prove I would enjoy anal more than I had previously.

His #1 goal in life is to fuck people up the ass whether sexually, or as friends, neighbors, coworkers, supervisors, or just basically another human breathing the same air really only meant for him to do so.

I decided to post here after he blamed our entire break up on me being such a bitch that never stops being so annoying and stupidly debating that I am right that, it wouldn't be him, but I will get the man I deserve one day that will come across the room one day and beat the fuck out of me.

He never once mentioned that he was repentant for kicking me out his house and ensuring that I am now homeless for the next two weeks coach surfing while I begin my first week of classes. He actually was giggly on the phone while I was in tears this evening.

The State: AR

The Area Code: 479

Comment cjgravel87

on 8/22/2014 7:05:33 PM Says

Maxime Larocque

The Cheater:

The Comment: lies sex cam invites to other men at my apartment sex cam invites to his job

The State: CA

The Area Code: 514

Comment Maggie rose845

on 8/22/2014 6:34:13 PM Says

Margaret Clifford

The Cheater:

The Comment: Margaret had a cyber affair with my man for two years. She threatened to fly cross country and kill me. She called her husband a bag and said he would be dead in five years. Maybe all of her anal sex caught up to both of them.

Margaret Rose Moore Clifford of chester ny is a lying cheater and asks married men to be her toy on the side. You think her three dildoes would be enough.

The State: NY

The Area Code: 845

Comment LaVengativa

on 8/22/2014 12:55:24 PM Says

Diego Ortiz

The Cheater:


The State: AR

The Area Code: 0380

Comment Disco

on 8/20/2014 3:27:11 PM Says

Tim Whitney

The Cheater:

The Comment: This dirtbag Tim C Whitney of Plano TX, had an 18 month long affair with my wife of 25 yrs. She is held accountable as am I for any & all part I played. This guy has a swim product line Timswim.com He says it is so good he put his name on it. Well Timmy, I do not believe your name reflects high quality or any other positive attribute that you are trying to convince people it does . I'm also confident that anyone who knows what you did would not be so quick to purchase anything you are selling or associated with. He also has a children's book out & I don't think parents would be so eager to buy a book from a guy who is willing to cheat on another mans wife then run for the hills when he is found out. You are a loser Tim & I'm sure your daughters wouldn't be too excited to hear about your ways if you were able to see them.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 972,214,469

Comment Disco

on 8/20/2014 3:23:01 PM Says

Tim Whitney

The Cheater:

The Comment: This dirtbag Tim C Whitney of Plano TX, had an 18 month long affair with my wife of 25 yrs. She is held accountable as am I for any & all part I played. This guy has a swim product line Timswim.com He says it is so good he put his name on it. Well Timmy, I do not believe your name reflects high quality or any other positive attribute that you are trying to convince people it does . I'm also confident that anyone who knows what you did would not be so quick to purchase anything you are selling or associated with. He also has a children's book out & I don't think parents would be so eager to buy a book from a guy who is willing to cheat on another mans wife then run for the hills when he is found out. You are a loser Tim & I'm sure your daughters wouldn't be too excited to hear about your ways if you were able to see them.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 972,214,469

Comment Buster08

on 8/20/2014 2:35:01 AM Says

Mckenzie Starnes

The Cheater:

The Comment: Shit

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment Jacob0079

on 8/19/2014 9:58:15 PM Says

Jamie Burke

The Cheater:

The Comment: Jamie Marelle Burke is a cheater and a sociopath. We were together nearly four years, I never touched another woman. She cheated on me with over 20 people. I found this out slowly, over the course of a year. This person is NOT to be trusted.

She seemed so cool when we first met; a girl who is laid-back, likes to have a drink, very fun. Thing is, she likes to do this with anyone with a penis.

Don't let this person ruin your life with her immaturity and lies. She broke a 12 month lease after we had JUST signed it, just to move back in with daddy.

The State: TX

The Area Code: 75711

Comment Renee

on 8/19/2014 9:55:09 PM Says

Christian Scaife

The Cheater:

The Comment: Omg I kno this pig he banged me few nits ago!!!! dude crazy has mental issues he soooo fuckin bad he nite-mare to deal wid. runnin round like a psycho can't keep his shit straight. bewar of this psycho!

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment DHS

on 8/18/2014 12:53:06 PM Says

Brandon Ellis

The Cheater:

The Comment: Narcissist

The State: MD

The Area Code: 20714

Comment lisa35

on 8/18/2014 10:34:42 AM Says

Troy Gray

The Cheater:

The Comment: This guy name Troy Gray is a horrible person. He cheats on women and cheated on his baby mama when she was pregnant. He lost his condo because he didn't pay his association fees. All he does is smoke weed and drink. Doesn't have a car and live at home with his mama at the age of 36.

The State: IL

The Area Code: 60615

Comment lolwhoa

on 8/18/2014 1:23:54 AM Says


The Cheater:

The Comment: I know a couple Kay's.... Kay who? What's the dirt?

The State:

The Area Code:

Comment christiangrl

on 8/17/2014 5:53:26 PM Says

George Gates

The Cheater:

The Comment: self proclaimed "sex addict" that cheats even when happy in a new relationship. He will send you texts and write love notes saying how blessed he is to have you in his life, but then will sleep with someone immediately following. SCARY at how manipulative he is!!!! Currently works as a cop...go figure. I'm religious and when I confronted him about being nervous that he was cheating on me he responds with "I used to be like you until I turned to God for the answers...through God all things are possible, and one day you will learn to trust me." He shows no signs of guilt...comparable to a sociopath...run...just run....and follow your instincts ladies when something is too good to be true!!!!

The State: IL

The Area Code: 60007

Comment Armybrat2008

on 8/17/2014 2:29:15 AM Says

Jeff davis

The Cheater:

The Comment: I agree to the terms yes

The State: GA

The Area Code: 404

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