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Kempton Olney

Comment Meika

reported it on 3/3/2013 12:38:08 PM


The Cheater: Kempton Olney

The Comment: A pathological narcissist with a drink problem. He will stalk facebook looking for women who look like they can provide him with money , sex (their Pictures of their houses and horses will reflect this), more recently he's been targeting widows with children and a large insurance policy from their deceased husbands. He will talk very sweet, ask you to have his baby, send you songs sung by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, "Rush" by Tom Sawyer and some Indian Love songs that he sends to at least 6 girls at the same time on fb. He will have a relationship with you whilst meeting and sleeping with numerous girls. He will have at least 5 at any one time. He is in a partnership with any one willing (bronci) is a member of adult friend finder meeting up with strangers for 3 way sex. He uses the death of his friend TC to gain attention from women and can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat. He will accuse his latest conquests of stalking him to whatever girl he happens to be with at that time. He will admit to having a previous drink problem and say he needs to be with you as the reason to keep him out the bar. He will say he pays child support for a child he has never contributed a cent to and hasn't seen in 5 years. He will lie about everything, he tells women he owns a ranch and cows in SD, where in actual fact he was a (work) hand. He had several horses he neglected so bad they were near death. He will lie about being married and engaged twice, once to a relative. He is amazingly successful at fooling girls....watch out, he'll bleed you dry.

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Kempton Olney

Comment No Trust Left

replied on 3/3/2013 12:46:46 PM

The Cheater: Unknown

The Comment: I came on to this site just out of curiosity and couldn't believe when I noticed Kemptons picture I too have wasted my time and money and everything in this is so true. I lost my husband several years ago and Kempton came along charming and was chasing me for dates etc I told him about my situation and my children and he sat and cried about his daughter as if he could totally relate to what i was going through. He made me feel like i was the one and he loved my children like his own and wanted us to have a child together too. I feel like such a fool. I found out that he was sleeping with prostitutes and spending time in strip bars where he was spending my money !!!! I hope this stops other women going through what I have

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