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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

How to Catch a Cheating Woman

Women are much better than men at hiding cheating. It is a simple fact that guys get careless and don't think far ahead enough to avoid getting caught. However, this does not mean that women do not slip up as well. There are little things you can check into to see if your woman is leaving trails behind. Just be careful how you collect your evidence, and you should be able to catch a cheater without getting caught yourself.

  1. Locate the "calls" section on her cell phone. Be sure to do this when she is in the shower or when you know she is not around. Once you have located the "calls" section, check the missed, received and made calls to see if there are any names or numbers you do not recognize.Leave enough time after you are done for the backlight on the phone to power down. This light comes on whenever the phone is opened; if she comes back into the room to grab her phone, she will notice that the light is on, and may become suspicious. A few seconds is usually all it takes for the light to go off. 
  2. Keep note of the numbers on a piece of paper and make sure she does not see it. When you are able, run the numbers through an online reverse-phone-number search, or try calling the numbers yourself to see who answers. Be sure to block your number before doing so. Call your phone company and ask what you need to dial before the number to block the caller ID.
  3. Check her purse for any receipts, notes and/or business that may be out of the usual. Keep a mental note of these things, as you can use them as proof if you uncover enough evidence that she is cheating on you. 
  4. Create a fake instant-messaging screen name if you know your partner uses such a service. You can then send a message to her to see how she responds. You could say you were searching for women in your area on the network, found her screen name and wanted to see if she was single. Be careful, though, as some women are already clued in to tactics like this. 
  5. Ask a male friend whom she does not know to hit on her to see how she reacts. Have him approach her in public and ask for her phone number. You have to make absolutely sure that she does not know him or recognize him, as this could be dangerous otherwise.

Source: eHow