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Caught Cheating Videos


Boyfriend Caught Cheating

In this video, the boyfriend sets up his video camera in his house to have a keepsake for his collection. He starts out on the couch with the slow music in the background. He continues to dry-hump her leg and things are getting hot. Just before things were about to get explicit, his girlfriend crashed the party.


Bride Caught Cheating

In this video, we find the bride going in the back courtyard of their wedding reception with the best man. They end up kissing and groping each other, finally ending up against a sliding glass door. The bride begins to neal down in front of the best man, when the groom walks in on them.


Busted Cheater Hides in Dumpster

The cheaters detectives are at it again. They have found this girls boyfriend spending time with another woman. The girl decides to call her mom to join before confronting him. When they catch him in the act his first instict was to run. The cheaters...


Caught Cheater has Remorse

In this episode of cheaters they look back at a case with a cheating boyfriend that seems to have learned his lesson. When the cheaters private investigators initially busted him he became violent. Now reflecting back he claims he was in the heat of the m...


Caught Cheating During Prank

So her husband decides to play a prank on his wife.  He has the radio station call her to tell her that he has been fired from his job.  The wife proceeds to inquire about why he got fired.  The man playing his boss tells the wife that...


Cheaters Exposed

Cheaters are exposed for what they are on Busted and Disgusted.  This video contains shocking moments from private investigators following suspected cheaters. ...


Cheating Girlfriend Causes Big Fight

In this episode of cheaters, the cheaters detectives bring the suspicious boyfriend right to the action. His girlfriend is caught in the act having sex with another man in the car. When they pull up the girlfriend's cheating partner jumps out of the ...


Cheating Wife Pregnant by Another Man

A man who suspects something is going on with his wife calls the cheaters detectives. Sure enough she is having an affair with another man. To add insult to injury the man tells a story about him finding a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash. He...


Father Caught Cheating With Son Girlfriend

The Cheaters detectives are at it againg.  This time they find a son's girlfriend cheating on him with his father.  Ater they walk in on him he tries to sneak out the window.  The son follows him and tackles him to the floor.  The dad ...

Fiance Caught Cheating

Delores has suspected her fiance has been cheating.  She call cheaters to have the private investigators follow him around.  The detectives catch him having lunch, dinner and spending time at the park.  With Delores there they hav...


Gay Man Caught Cheating

A gay man has a woman over with his friends and attempts to seranade a you woman with his guitar. After he finishes his song, he attempts to bring the woman back to his room for a "hypnosis" session.  Just as things are about to progre...

Girl Caught Cheating On 2 Guys

A man goes to cheaters TV show because he suspects his girlfriend of two years is cheating on him.  The cheaters private investigators have been following his girlfriend for the past week and it is obvious she is having an affair with ...


Girl Caught Cheating With Best Friends Boyfriend

After a girl suspects her boyfriend is cheating they bust into the housee  to find her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. After a shouting an pushing match ensues the boyfriend continiously yells "get out of my house". When the private ...


Girlfriend Caught Cheating With Freaks

On this episode of cheaters this cheating girlfriend tries to make her case for her last appearance on cheaters. The cheaters crew found her and three others in a bedroom with some freaky stuff going on. The bed was wrapped in caution tape and the pe...

Guy Admits to Cheating

A guy is playing with his new video camera filming his cat do nothing when his girlfriend walks in.  She questions the camera and he pretends to turn it off. His girlfriend immediately asks "Did you have sex with karen?" He first ...


Guy Caught Cheating With Transvestite Dominatrix

After the private investigators follow her husband around town the see the husband out at clubs with what seems to be a yound lady.  The two stop at the store for some drinks and once they leave they pull off to the side of the road for a quickie. N...


He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

On the radio show "he loves me he loves me not", this girls wants to test her boyfriend to see if he is faithful. The boyfriend travels alot and is out of town. The radio host call him up to tell him he has won a free boquet of flowers from a bu...


Indian Wife Catches Husband Cheating

This video proves you should think twice before cheating on your wife...Especially if she is Indian. It is total mayhem as the whole family is there to get in on the action. The wife and her family give a slight warning to the cheating husband and then st...


Lesbian Catches Her Lover Cheating

A woman suspects her lesbian lover of 14 months is cheating. She contacts cheaters and has their private investigators follow the suspected cheating lesbian. After following her for a few days they quickly relaize that the lesbian woman is infact cheating...


Man Caught Cheating With A Man

A suspicious wife puts a hidden camera in their house to see if her husband is cheating with another woman. She leaves the house for the evening as the camera records. Soon after she leaves, the husband starts to straighten up the house as if he is suspec...

Man Caught Cheating With Boss Girl

After the boss suspects his girl is cheating he has the cheaters detectives setup hidden cameras in the office. Cheaters report back to the boss on their findings which we quite disturbing. The employee urinated in the coffee pot after the boss had yelled...


Man Pulls Gun on Cheaters

A young man who works the night shift to support his girlfriend and baby suspects his girlfriend is having an affair while he is at work. The cheaters private investigators confirm his suspisions are true. When they confront the cheating girlfriend she sa...


Private Investigator Catches Cheating Spouses

On this ABC special a san diego private investigator show shocking video of men and women being unfaithful. They investigate AshleyMadison,com a site defined to assisting cheaters to hook up with others looking to commit adultery. The private investigator...


Private Investigator Follows Relentless Cheating Husband

The cheatnig husband is followed by the private investigator hiis wife hired. He goes to a motel only to find they had no rooms available. He continues to the next motel and gets the same response no vacancy.  Finally at the 3rd stop they have a...


Radio Station Busts Cheater

This woman who suspects her husband is cheating call the radio station for help. The show Snakes thinks of clever ways to catch a cheating husband or boyfriend. The woman tells the host that her husband just bought a new car.  The host uses...


The Best Day to Bust a Cheater

In this video reporters meet with private investigators to find out what is the best day to catch a cheating spouse. With suprise the answer is Valentines Day. The private investigators go on to explain that it is the busiest day of the year for th...


Wife busted cheating with her sons best friend

The huband put the cheaters detectives on his wife after he suspected there was something going on.  Sure enough the detectives got to the bottom of it.  The wife had been having a sexual relationship with her son's best friend. ...


Wife Catches Husband Cheating

This cheating husband is having the time of his life as a beautiful young woman is strip teasing for him as he lies in bed. Things start to heaat up as the woman dances and removes her clothes. In the background you hear a noise...it's his wife. She runs ...


Wife Caught Cheating

A man who suspects his wife of cheating decides to drive by his house during his lunch break.  As he rolls by his house with his buddy in the car filming he sees his best man's car parked in the driveway.  He pulls up past his house so that the ...