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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Celebrity Cheaters

Bill Clinton

Well this goes to show you that if you don't want a secret to get out then you shouldn't even tell your pillow! In 1995 Monica Lewinsky started working as an intern for the White House. Unlike most political affairs in which the mistress is the one to s...

Celebrities Keep Cheating in the Family

THE GOOD NEWS, THEY MIGHT REMAIN A FAMILY DESPITE ADULTERY   Yes it’s true, celebrities cheat too. On the other side of the pond – the UK-  Ryan Giggs’s ( the Manchester United legend) (for those in the US that’s the fa...

David Letterman

Talk show host of The Late Show on CBS, was guilty of cheating not only with one co-worker but rather multiple. As a result he had received blackmail to keep the sex scandals from being public. Letterman turned this over to his attorneys' which resulted in an arrest of an unidentified individual. In the end Letterman apoligized publicly to his wife Regina Lasko and his ratings did not go down so he kept his show as well.

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian mostly known for his roles in Invasion and Third Watch was found to have cheated on his wife twice, that the public knows of. Eddie Cibrian's mistress' were Scheana Marie Jancon and LeAnn Rimes. His Wife, Brandi Gianville has two children with him and they have divorced. He is currently still dating LeAnn Rimes.

Eric Benet

Eric Benet is famous for his singing career. He was married to Halle Berry and in 2003 cheating on her. He did own up to it and spoke publicly about the entire issue. Halle Berry and Eric Benet had been married for two years when the scandal occurred. Afterwards the couple did try counseling and Eric seeked treatment. However, it just ended in a divorce.

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is a famous actor who was married to Uma Thurman. Ethan and Uma have two children together and after the divorce Ethan and the children's babysitter were engaged and expecting their own baby!! Get it? Daddy and the babysitter ...engaged..and having a child of their own! Well Ethan and the babysitter "claim" that they did not have a romance until after Ethan and Uma had divorced.

Jesse James

Jesse James is a tv personality and CEO of West Coast Choppers. Jesse James cheated on his third wife Sandra Bullock. On April 28,2010, Bullock told People magazine that she was filing for divorce. She could not have found out about the affair at a worse time as she received her adoptive baby boy just 3 months before the whole affair scandal.

Tiger Woods

Not only the world's best golfer but the world's biggest player. When the first affair became public it was just the icing in the cake as more than a dozen women reported affairs with Tiger afterwards. Tiger Woods wife' Elin Nordegren went into complete hibernation as soon as the scandals became public. Of course, there were many rumors of divorce, and who would stay with their kids but bottomline is Woods went to a sex rehab center.