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Is my spouse cheating?

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Who‘s a Cheater

Cheaters Caught on Tape


Best of Cheaters Caught on Tape Part 1

On this best of cheaters episode the most shocking momets are shown. It starts out with an angry black woman who catches her cheating husband at the carwash with another woman. She grabs the sprayer and spays both of them yelling "you need to be ba...


Best of Cheaters Caught on Tape Part 2

Here are some more clips of the best  of cheates caught on tape. This one starts out with a wife caught cheating by her huband. She runs up to the roof of the building and treatens to commit suicide by jumping. The host of cheaters grabs her and pu...


Boyfriend Caught Cheating And She Wants Him Back

The detectives follow this woman's boyfriend and find clear evidence that he is cheating with another woman. Some of the evidence includes a piece of clothing with semen on it. When the host shows the girlfriend the video she is in disbelief. They confro...


Boyfriend looking for an update on his girlfriends mysterious where abouts

A Valiant gentleman is wanting an update on his girlfriend mysteriyous whereabouts, so he hires detectives to do the dirty work. Detectives catch the cheating girlfriend talking to a man form her car window, then follows the man to his residence and he...


Caught Cheating on Tape With Bad Excuse

On this episode of cheaters the cheating husband has been telling his wife he has been spending time at the casino. After following him, the detectives found that he has been gambling with his marriage for another woman. They go to confront the ch...


Cheating Pimp

This cheating pimp gets walked in on while having his food and a beer with another woman. He is shocked and immediately starts yelling at his wife. He goes on rambling about how he is an old g and how he made her. Next the other woamn gets up and tells ...


Girlfriend Beats Cheating Boyfriend on National TV

A Young Woman believes that her boyfriend plays the field behind her back. With dispear at the forefront of her emotions, she asks Cheaters to tell the truth about her misleading man. The detectives share the hidden camera fotage of her cheating boyfri...


Girlfriend Caught Cheating With Lesbian

This hard working man is considering proposing marriage to his girlfriend. The boyfriend has been having anxiety about the possibility of his girlfriend cheating. The boyfriend hires cheaters to investigate the situation. After following the suspected ...


His Fiance Maybe Be Playing Him For a Sucker

A square shooting young lad feels that maybe his fiance maybe be playing him for a sucker. Determined to uncover the truth, Wes calls on cheaters to find out just what his lady lady is up to.  The detectives share the video with the scared fiance,...


Husband Catches Wife Banging in the Car With a Strange Man

A deeply disturbed husband questions his wifes monogamy. With his family's future in the balance, Phillip trusts Cheaters to provide assistance in this delicate personal matter. The detectivesd catch the wife talking to a man, outside her car, after sh...


Husband Fights With Co Worker Who Is Cheating With Wife

A man is struggling with the deapest fears of his wifes infidelity. Seeking a dignified resolution an embattled Chris turns to Cheaters for professional assistance. The detectives compiled a video of his wife providing the answers he was not looking fo...


Husband Living a Double Life

After this wife suspected her husband of living a double life she had the cheaters private investigators follow him around. Not to long after their case, her suspicions were found to be true. The cheating husband was flying his private plane home from a...


Infidelity Changes a Mans Life For The Better

red returns to cheaters to discuss how an indiscretion changed his life for the better. He describes how his infidelity turned into a commitment. " Rob was there...He just showed up out of the blue", explains Fred. He had no idea that the events would fold out like they did.


Lying Girlfriend Caught Cheating

This man had a feeling his girlfriend was being unfaithful. Reluctant to do the investigating himself, he employs the cheaters private investigators to find out the truth. After following the cheating girlfriend for a week they found concrete evidence...


Man Catches Cheating Fiance

A man suspicious of his fiance has cheaters setup surveillence in his home. They quickly discover that his bride to be has been having an affair with her maid of honor's boyfriend. They decide to confront the cheating oman at her bachlorette party. Whe...


Man Cheating With Neighbor

This cheating husband leaves his wife at home while he takes his neighbor around town. He is spotted at the movies with his mistress in whom he never takes his wife. After seeing the tape with all of the signs of infidelity, the wife wants to confr...


Man Cheats on Fiance With Fat Deaf Woman

This woman's boyfriend recently proposed to her. In an attempt to verify she made the right choice to marry him she has the cheaters crew follow her fiance. When show the footage the detectives captured, she immediately identifies the woman found spendi...


Woman Cheating With Boyfriends Cousin

After there was evidence that his girlfriend was cheating, cheaters had him place a hidden camera inside his apartment. After reviewing the tape it is quickly discovered that the man having an affair with his girlfriend is his cousin. More hidden camera...


Woman Cheats on Man With Her Babys Biological Father

Maria Peace was previously caught spending her boyfriends hard earned money on another man. Maria wants to explain what has happened since the case was brought to light. The cheating woman explains she was in shock when the camera crew confronted her a...


Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Married

After following the suspected cheater, the private investigators quickly realized that the man they are following is seeing another woman. After further investigation they find cheating man is not just cheating on his girlfriend but ...