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Are they cheating?

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Cheating Advice Videos


Cyber Flirting or Cyber Affair

What are signs that my spouse/significant other might be having a cyber affair? In this video, Dr. Sheri Myers, Marriage and Family Therapist, shares with you her expertise on the subject. ...


Emotional Affairs

Emotional infidelity can be more powerful than a sexual affair. Emotional affairs will typically last longer than a sexual fling.  With sex there is a finish line.  When people are emotionally connected this affair could lead to replacing you in...


How to End Your Affair

Ending an affair has to be abrupt and from some other form of communication than in person. The problem is that you have probably developed feelings for them and it may be difficult. The other person does not want it to end and they will do what...


Stories of Facebook Cheating

Young people tell their stories about their facebook cheating. Facebook has become an escape for those in relationships and another medium to cheat on their partners. In a related news report facebook has been used as evidince in some divorce and child cu...


Why Your Partner Cheated

Most of the time parrtners cheat as a symtom to a larger problem. Some of the common problems include little or no sex life, poor communication or lack of attention.  Your partner has decided to fill this void by doing cybersex or affairs with co-wor...