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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Cheating Video Games


Agent Heart Private Investigator Game

So you think you can be a private investigator. In this game your job is to follow a cheater around town and get evidence of their infidelity. equipped with your camera you need to get the shots need to prove adultry before time runs out. ...


Cheating Lover the Game

Cheating is no laughing matter but this game is really entertaining. You are the cameraman with the job of catching a cheater in the act. Equipped with your camera and your intuition you must only capture film when the cheaters are distracted. If you get ...


Detective Jealous

Has your boyfriend been working late hours? Does your girlfriend seem preoccupied with something or someone else? Time to become detective jealous and catch them in the act. Equipped with your camera you can follow them around town to find out what they...


Love Triangle

Is some other girl fooling around with your man? You are not going to sit back and let her steal him from you are you? This love triangle needs to stop so it is your job to disturb them while they are on the date. Your boyfriend will h...


Married and Flirting

This jackass of a husband has got some nerve. The game starts off with him and his cow of a wife out to eat at the restraunt. As his wife is distracted the jackass flirts with girl at another table.If he is not careful he will get caught flirting and...