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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Funny Cheating Commercials


How Many Men Can She Cheat With

The husband gets home from a long day work, opens the front door and yells, "Darling, I'm home" He walks up to his closet and starts putting away his coat and we see a naked man running across the hall. He looks back and the scene shows the i...


It is Not My Fault

Wife walks into their bedroom to find his cheating husband in bed with another woman, getting a back massage. The wife is shocked to see what she is seeing and the husband says, "Mary! It's not what is looks like!" The wife runs into the bat...


Long Haired Girl With Man in Car

  Three girls are sitting at an outdoor restaurant when one of the girls notices the other girls boyfriend driving by in a convertible Mustang. The other girl notices that he is not alone in the car, there seems to be a long haired blonde in...


Never Assume the Worst

A trucker, in a cement truck, pulls up to a stop light and admirers a picture of a lovely woman on his dashboard. he gets excited and pulls into the next lane to get through the light faster. He pulls into his neighborhood to find a blue convertible car outside his house. He parks his truck and again takes a double take of the convertible and continuesto take a peek into his house through a window to see a man handing a woman a bouque of flowers, and giving the woman a hug and kiss, and gets angry. He runs to his cement truck and starts her up.

The Son of an Eating Biscuit Bulldog

The wife walks into the cheating husband's office, with a box of his personal belongings, sees him with the secretary and calls him a "Son of an Eating Biscuit Bulldog." The husband replies with "What the french toast?!?" She repli...


Where Am I

A man wakes up in bed, still hung over from the night before, and starts to wonder where he is. He notices a woman next to her in bed and immediately realizes that he is not home. He starts to gather his belonging, while dialing his wifes number. A phon...


Wife Cheating on Husband

We find the wife and cheating man in the wife's bedroom kissing and cuddling on the bed. The wife reassures the man that her husband will not be home for a long time. They continue to caress each other, when suddenly, the front dor opens and the husband yells, "Honey, I'm home!"


Wife with the Repair Man

The husband is driving home on a calm neighborhood road. He pulls up to his drive way and notices Fred's repair service truck parked outside his home. He gets out of his car, with a bouque of flowers, ready to surprise his wife for getting home early. H...