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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Devise a Brilliant Plan to Catch a Cheating Partner

Suspecting that your partner is having an affair with other another opposite sex? Is there something in the behavior of your partner that you have observed unusual which keeps on boggling your head? If you are having doubts o your mind and suspecting that your husband or wife is having another lover, there are ways on how you can catch a cheater.

There are flashing signs that will give you hint that your partner is cheating on you or having extra marital affair. When your partner is spending extra time in the computer and he suddenly sign offs or abruptly changing the site that he is surfing when you are approaching him, this can be a sign. If this is the kind of behavior that you have observed lately, then you better check out his emails when he is out. You can also check his name if it is registered in the websites that allow and promote discreet relationship with others. When you have seen unusual notes or a hidden phone number and addresses, better have a background investigation about it. When your partner frequently come home late and always making excuses out of it, try to check his office of the time he left. Or ask a reliable person about his/her whereabouts in a nice way which you will not be suspected that you are monitoring your partner.

To catch a cheater, you have to be patient in doing the surveillance work. Check his clothes and underwear for unusual marks, and stains, verify the statement of accounts of his credit cards, bills of his phones, and bank withdrawals. Tap his phone where you can hear the conversation that he is having with his callers. Use other surveillance equipments like tape recorder or a car tracker. Take note of strange smells like perfumes which you know is not the brand of your partner. Follow him unsuspected if possible. Know his itinerary for the day and confirm it with trusted person whom he is constantly with during office hours. But in doing all these, you have to be discreet to. Because once your partner knew that you are suspecting him that he is having an affair with someone, the more he is going to hide deceitfulness from you and you will find it hard to catch a cheater out of him. Confrontation must be the last step if you have already accumulated solid proofs of your partner’s infidelity.

You will need a brilliant plan to catch a cheater!