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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Husband Cheating While Wife Out Of Town

While this hard working wife is out of town she suspects her husband is getting his rocks off with another woman. After having the cheaters detectives follow his every move it is soon realized that he has another visitor to the house while as soon as his wife leaves.

To further prove his infidelity, the detectives have the wife install a hidden camera in the house. After reviewing the tape his affair is caught on tape. When the host of cheaters shows the wife the tape she is ready to confront her cheating husband,

The couple are currently at a bar, as the cheaters crew arrives they are just leaving. The wife jumps out of the van and asks the cheating husband wheat he is doing and who is with. The man immediately admits to his infidelity and claims that it is because his wife does not give him the sex he is looking for,

The confrontation itself is rather mild in that everyone keeps their hands to themselves. In the follow-up the wife has decided to forgive her cheating husband and has sought out marriage counseling.