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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Proof He Is Cheating

A Cell Phone Can Give You The Evidence You Need if You’re being cheated on by your Spouse!

Lie detectors are rather obvious and intrusive. Technology can provide proof of lies but now new apps on Cell phones can tell you if your spouse is Cheating. Some Apps Monitor your Boyfriend or future Ex and track where they are and where they are been, maybe even been with!


In this Techie Age, cheating transpires primarily via cell phones. If you find your significant other:


a.       hanging up suddenly when you’re around or 
b.       deleting the history on the cell phone and 
c.       becoming awkward when asked about it, then your suspicions may be correct.


This should be followed up with an awareness of other conduct, this may be just the tip of the iceberg or just a false alarm. 

Cell phones are now to be a necessary part of keeping the cheating on going and hiding it. It allows them to keep in touch with their lover, arrange for rendezvous virtually at all times.  Ask yourself, if their pattern of calling even you has changed. Did they always call you when….but now they:


a.       talk to their lover while driving to work,
b.      at work, driving home in the evenings.
c.        are they  calling them vs you now while shopping, pumping gas or taking the dog for a walk.


What can you do if you become suspicious of your spouses cell phone use?

         Determine if the cell phone history for incoming and outgoing calls.

         Determine if cell phone for incoming and outgoing text messages.

         Determine if the contacts list for any names you are not familiar with.

         Determine if recent calls, missed calls and dialed calls for suspicious numbers.

         Determine if cell phone bill for any unusual usage.

         Calmly request that the cell phone bill be in your name and your spouse’s name.


In so doing you have availed yourself of all the opportunities to determine if your fears are real and justified (ie he is cheating) or there are other relationship (or just other issues) which are manageable. Getting the advice of a trusted friend never hurts unless they themselves have relationship issues or paranoia and this my friend will only complicate your life. Be wary when sharing even deeply rooted suspicions to another. If your suspicious, you won’t know if you have a reason to be until you ask a few questions and make some determinations of your OWN. This is afterall, YOUR RELATIONSHIP. And as anything that is part YOURS, do you not have just cause for investigating whether cheating is taking place when you have reasonable suspicions? So stand up for yourself? If you’re being cheated on, you’re being cheated out of part of life. So, investigate, then fix it, either way you benefit, but make sure this decision fixes your life!