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Signs of Infidelity in Women

Most people seem to assume that when one partner in a marriage strays, that it's the husband. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. Women cheat too and if you are a husband whose intuition is telling you that your wife has a lover, you'll want to know the signs of infidelity in women. Recognizing these warning signs is essential in order for you to get confirmation of the affair.

Like men, women tend to stick to a routine. If your wife has always kept the same work schedule, and it suddenly changes, this is a detail you don't want to ignore. She may claim that she now needs to work extra hours for a certain project. Unless this extra time is reflected in an increase in her pay, you probably have reason to worry.

Another one of the common signs of infidelity in women is an increased interest in her appearance. Many women who are smitten with a new man, will work hard to lose weight, or will try out a new hairstyle. Also pay attention to the way she dresses. If she wears more provocative clothing or decides to purchase several new pieces of lingerie, this may be an indication that she's trying to impress another man.

There are more subtle ways to determine whether your wife is committing adultery. Scent is one of the signs of infidelity in women that can't be ignored. Many men wear a particular cologne which is transferred to a woman they are being intimate with. If you greet your wife with a hug when she comes home pay special attention to any trace of cologne. Although she can explain it by saying she saw an old friend or relative that she hugged, don't let it pass you by.

Her telephone is full of clues that you can use to determine whether or not she is in fact being unfaithful. Even if you don't have direct access to her cell phone, you may be able to see her cell phone bill if it's on the same account as your phone. If this is the case, look for any unfamiliar numbers. Many women will use their cell to talk with their lover over fear of being caught on their phone at home.

You don't have to live with a cheating wife, but you will need proof of her infidelity before you make any drastic decisions. Consider the warning signs of infidelity in women and then see if any apply to your unique situation. If they do, set out on a path to get some evidence of her discretion, so you can confidently confront her with what you know.

40% of married women will have an affair at some point. For more telltale warning signs of a cheating wife, including how to get positive proof of the affair


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