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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

The Top Ten Signs You Are Being Cheated On

Is your boyfriend cheating? Is your husband cheating? Is your boyfriend or husband is cheating, or are you being paranoid? ABSENT FINDING CHEATING VIDEO CLIPS OF YOUR HUBBY, OR HIM BEING CAUGHT CHEATING ON VIDEO, CAUGHT CHEATING, WILL YOU EVER KNOW THE TRUTH?  THE ANSWER MAY BE FOUND IN THE FOLLOWING TOOLS AND AT NO EXPENSE TO YOU?  From our experience, some key signs of cheating are:

1.Does your husband or boyfriend hide their mobile phone?
2. Does your husband or boyfriend turn off their mobile phone when you are present?
3. Does your husband or boyfriend turn the ringer to silent (or low vibrate) on their mobile phone when you are present?
4. Does your significant other get calls and leave a room you are in abruptly?
5. Does he have a new "friend" you never met?
6. Does he have a new secretary?
7. Are you suddenly not included in work parties or birthday celebrations you were previously invited to?
8. Does your husband or boyfriend have bizarre schedule changes?
9. Is he suddenly travelling more?  Are you invited? Has he recently joined Facebook.com (or adult sites) and reconnected with a past flame…errr..”friend?”
10. Does your husband or boyfriend have weird mood swings? Are you suddenly the cause of all the problems?
 While there is a multitude of means to ascertain whether your boyfriend is cheating or your husband is committing adultery, any one of the above or thinking about them collectively will lead you to a conclusion you already know in your heart.  However, the above 10 prospects will serve as ammunition should you wish to think objectively about this or seek help and wish to have something other than your intuition to point to.  This is especially true should you wish to confront him, this way you have at least ten things you can challenge his behavior with.
The above answers will not provide you with undisputable proof of cheating or an affair; however, most telling might be his reaction to the above 10 questions. Look him in the eyes and ask.  His reaction and silly justifications might lead you can make the correct decision. This is certainly cheaper than costly investigators and video and/or digital photography combined with the cost of surveillance investigation.