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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Tips on How to Catch a Cheater

Are you having a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you? Well, follow your intuition because usually women’s instincts are proven to be right. And there are ways how you will be able to catch a cheater because most cheaters leave tell-tale signs that without their knowing they have already spilled their unfaithfulness to their partners. Here are some tips on how to catch a cheater.

First, check out sites on the internet where discreet affairs usually happen. There are websites in the internet where they promote this kind of relationship. Find out if your partner is registered or published in one these sites.

You can usually catch a cheater when they know that you are away. Your being out of town provides them the opportunity to sneak and have fun with the third party. This is also the right time for you to find out whether your spouse or your boyfriend is really having immoral relationship with others by following him/her whenever he/she goes out of your house.

Another way of finding out if your common law partner is being dishonest with you is by attaching recorder to your telephone or to your car where you can track down all the conversation made with other people. You can also catch a cheater by means of a tracking device which you can put on his car where you can easily track the location of his vehicle. There are investigative gadgets that you can easily buy in reliable spy stores or from online merchants that will be a great help of determining whether your partner is really cheating behind your back.

Some other signs that men accidentally let the cat out of the bag about their discreet affairs are letters in your post box, unusual position of your partner’s car seats, hairs, different perfumes on your partner’s clothes, hiding their mobile phones from you, stains like lipsticks, having their phone calls on places you can’t hear him, strange stain in your partners underwear, weird actions, hidden phone numbers and addresses, credit cards, and ATM withdrawals. You will also know the unfaithfulness of your partner through his phone bills, long calls, uneasy feeling when somebody calls him, frequent calls in the middle of the night, lack of interest in making love with you and a lot more.

To catch a cheater is not an easy task for you to do. You have to be emotionally prepared and don’t let your emotion get in the way of your investigation until you have proven that your gut feeling is true. Remember that before you accuse your partner of such a thing you have to produce evidences, or catch him in the act where he can’t make any excuses anymore.