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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Cheating Girlfriend Causes Big Fight

In this episode of cheaters, the cheaters detectives bring the suspicious boyfriend right to the action. His girlfriend is caught in the act having sex with another man in the car. When they pull up the girlfriend's cheating partner jumps out of the car and a fight breaks out. With the girlfriend naked in the back seat of the car she screams for the mayhem to stop.

During a short break, the host of cheaters talks to the other man and he says the boyfriend wasn't doing "his job". As the boyfriend talks to his girlfriend she claims that he is having sex with girls in the club. Now the talking is over and they continue to fight.

The boyfriend show alot of heart and continues at the girlfriend's lover. After faliing a few times the end is near. The man caugh cheating pushes the boyfriend and they scrap until he lands a right cross and knocks the boyfriend out.