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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Fiance Caught Cheating

Delores has suspected her fiance has been cheating.  She call cheaters to have the private investigators follow him around.  The detectives catch him having lunch, dinner and spending time at the park.  With Delores there they have spotted him at the farmers market with the other woman.  They head over to confront him.

They find him having a snack at an outside table.  Delores instantly runs up and pushes him out of his chair.  He runs off as she confrints the other woman. She clains she had no idea.  The man returns only to get pushed over a chair again. She runs off to the truck that he came in as the host talks to the man.  He tries to get aggressive but soon calms down.

After further talks to the other woman, it is clear he had been lying to both of them.  The man tries one last attempt to jump in the truck and take the keys but Delores holds her ground.