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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Girl Caught Cheating On 2 Guys

A man goes to cheaters TV show because he suspects his girlfriend of two years is cheating on him.  The cheaters private investigators have been following his girlfriend for the past week and it is obvious she is having an affair with another man.

While interviewing the boyfriend, the host of cheaters receives a phone call indicating that the cheating girl is  currently at the hotel with the other man.  They proceed to the hotel and arrange with the hotel manager to allow them into the room.  After entering the boyfriend finds his cheating girlfriend naked in bed with the other man.

The man jumps out of the bed confused wondering why all of these people are in his room as he is having sex with his girlfriend of one year. the guys get into a shoving match. When the dust settles the other man claims they are close to getting married...What a mess!