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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Indian Wife Catches Husband Cheating

This video proves you should think twice before cheating on your wife...Especially if she is Indian. It is total mayhem as the whole family is there to get in on the action. The wife and her family give a slight warning to the cheating husband and then start in on his mistress. Two of the womaen attack her and at first she is holding her own. After some hair pulling the cheating woman is out numbered and is getting smacked and hair pulled from every direction.

Now it's time for the husband's lesson. They start smacking him and pulling  his shirt like he is a rag doll. A woman holding a baby even gets in on the action as they continue to show this cheating husband whats good for him. A man in the background hand the wife a painting and she continues to hit her cheating husband over the head with it.