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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Best of Cheaters Caught on Tape Part 1

On this best of cheaters episode the most shocking momets are shown. It starts out with an angry black woman who catches her cheating husband at the carwash with another woman. She grabs the sprayer and spays both of them yelling "you need to be baptized".

In the next clip the private investigators are following a suspected cheater. The man notices the car and stops to find out what is going on. The man attackes the investigator and trows his camera to the floor. The wife arrives to launch her own attack on the cheating man.

Next they end up in the house of a cheater with a paint gun. He screams for the cameramen and the host to get out. When they do not listen he opens fire with his paintgun until they all obey his demand. When they are all outside he opens fire further proving his point.

The next clip starts off with the man caught cheating with his girlfriend running from the boyfriend. The boyfriend finally catches up to him where he is hiding in a port-o-poty. When the man refuses to exit the boyfriend tips it over with him in it. He runs off and they find him later at a car wash getting the crap off.

In the last clip an angry black woman walk in on her husband cheating with a stripper. The stripper hides in the bathroom as the woman tries to get at her to attack her. She yells and screams at her huband until the cops show up to remove her. When she gets dowstairs she hits his car window with her hand and then picks up a rock on the floor to try to break it.