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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Best of Cheaters Caught on Tape Part 2

Here are some more clips of the best  of cheates caught on tape. This one starts out with a wife caught cheating by her huband. She runs up to the roof of the building and treatens to commit suicide by jumping. The host of cheaters grabs her and pulls her away from the edge. the cheating wife is upset and is concerned her husband is going to kick her out.

In the next clip the crew walk in to find her husband handcuffed in a mask and skimpy underwear. He is cheating on her with a transvestite. The angry wife chases him around the room as he climbs over the furniture. He finally uses the crew as a barrier and escapes to the hallway.

Next this pregnant wife finds her husband cheating on her. As she is confronting him her water breaks so the cheaters lays her in the van as her contractions begin. The baby is soon born on location as the ambulance arrive.

The next two clips prove that being the host of cheaters is a very dangerous job. First a boyfriend caught cheating is dealing with his girlfriend as the other woman is off in the background. The other woman makes a molotov cocktail and throws it at the host hitting him in the back of the head. Next while confronting a man on his boat the man gets angry and stabs the host in the stomach.