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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Boyfriend looking for an update on his girlfriends mysterious where abouts

A Valiant gentleman is wanting an update on his girlfriend mysteriyous whereabouts, so he hires detectives to do the dirty work.

Detectives catch the cheating girlfriend talking to a man form her car window, then follows the man to his residence and heads out to spend a night out on the town.
Our valiant gentleman, and the TV crew, go to confront the cheating couple. The vans pull up next to the cheater and the mysterious man walking to their red Ford Explorer. The boyfriend imediately jumps out of the van and heads straight for them. The mysterouys man gets attacked by the stunded boyfriend. After a short wrestling match, the boyfriend asks his cheating girlfriend, "Why did you do this to me? I love you". The lowlife girlfriend states, "You are never there for me!!". With all the yelling over the infedelity, the cheating girlfriends date yells at the broken hearted boyfriend. This makes the boyfriend explode and attack the heartless man. After a short scuffle, the man starting walking to his Ford Explorer while asking the cheater to join him. The boyfriend makes a poor attempt to stop his cheating girlfriend from leaving with this deuchebag, but fails and they end up taking off.

The distrought boyfriend gets back in the van and goes after the cheaters. They catch up to them a little down the road where they find the cheating girldfriends new boy toy bleading from his nose all over his silk shirt. He explains that 3 guys jumped him while him and the girlfriend were arguing. The dumbass got what he had coming for him. Cheating does not pay.