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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

His Fiance Maybe Be Playing Him For a Sucker

A square shooting young lad feels that maybe his fiance maybe be playing him for a sucker. Determined to uncover the truth, Wes calls on cheaters to find out just what his lady lady is up to. 

The detectives share the video with the scared fiance, and show outside her apartment where a car pulls up and a guy jumps out. The man goes into their apartment and shuts the door. After a while the cheating fiance emerges from the apartment with the guy and they proceed to walk to his car. They were followed to a park at night time and are shown setting up a picnic. After finishing their meal, they head back to the cheating fiance's apartment. 

The next day of investigation, the cheaters crew once again see the same man show up at her apartment and then follow both of them to a restaurant where the two are caught swapping saliva with each other in plain sight. After their dinner, the two go to a secluded area and stay inside the car. The police end up showing up and finding them both naked in the car. The police ask the cheating fiance to get dressed. the police scare causes the cheating couple to return to her apartment where they end up sleeping the night together.

The next day of investigation, the cheating couple go to a night club and spend a wild night of partying only to end up back at her place, where the lights go out. 

The night of confrontation, the saddened fiance finds the the cheating fiance with the man at an amusement park, just as they are getting off the ride. He asks her who the man is and she begins to explain that he is just a friend. After a few moments of listening to the lying fiance, the now ex fiance attacks the man, who was also stating her and him are just friends. A few punches are thrown and the two are separated.

The girl keeps denying she is cheating and eventually the cheaters crew shows her the tape of her getting pulled out of the guys car with half her clothes still off. This makes the ex fiance once again attack the date and the date is thrown on the ground. 

The cheaters finally end up driving off in the guys 323 BMW.