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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Husband Catches Wife Banging in the Car With a Strange Man

A deeply disturbed husband questions his wifes monogamy. With his family's future in the balance, Phillip trusts Cheaters to provide assistance in this delicate personal matter.

The detectivesd catch the wife talking to a man, outside her car, after she had just had lunch with the husband. The mysterious man and the wife share a cigarette before heading out in her car. They end up driving to a park and the camera men notice that there is only one head visible...on the passenger side. The cheating wife is observed again, the following day, doing the same exact thing with the mysterious man.

The confrontation takes place at a burger joint where the husband immediately starts yelling at the man who the wife is cheating with. He, on the other hand, keeps eating his fries with a non-chelant attitude. Eventually the husband grabs the man by hid throat and tries to strangle him, until he is pulled off by the camera security crew. The fight continues in the parking lot, with the cheating wife and boy toy leaving at high speed from the parking lot.