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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Husband Fights With Co Worker Who Is Cheating With Wife

A man is struggling with the deapest fears of his wifes infidelity. Seeking a dignified resolution an embattled Chris turns to Cheaters for professional assistance.

The detectives compiled a video of his wife providing the answers he was not looking for. The wife is seen going to a local park with the husband's co-worker and sitting on a bench comfortable within each others brace. It is at this point that they ask the husband to setup hidden cameras in his house. This exoses his cheating wife going down on the co-worker and eventually ending up in bed with him doing the nasty.

The confortation takes place at a lake, the the husband finds the wife again getting down and dirty with the co-worker. The husband pulls the cheating co-worker and slams him into the lake. This causes him to explode the the two have a boxing match until they are broken up. The cheating wife keeps saying she is sorry and we learn that this not the first time she has done this.