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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Infidelity Changes a Mans Life For The Better

Fred returns to cheaters to discuss how an indiscretion changed his life for the better. He describes how his infidelity turned into a commitment. " Rob was there...He just showed up out of the blue", explains Fred. He had no idea that the events would fold out like they did.

We see Fred making out with the cheating girlfriend outside parking lot, leaning against a car. The poor, muscular boyfriend is flipping out after seeing the video of them two and is ready to bash the head in of the cheating girlfriends date, Fred. Fred is explaining how they were keeping the relationship low key and were looking for a way to break the news to Rob. 

The confrontation takes place Christmas tree sale, and the broken hearted boyfriend immediately takes the cheating girlfriends date to the ground. an insane amount of punching and kicking take place between the two, until they are broken up by the Cheaters crew.

Fred admits he takes full responsibility for what he had done with the cheater girlfriend, but also admits that he loves her dearly. He had broken up his best friend and girlfriend and lost a friend for life over this cheating woman.