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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Lying Girlfriend Caught Cheating

This man had a feeling his girlfriend was being unfaithful. Reluctant to do the investigating himself, he employs the cheaters private investigators to find out the truth. After following the cheating girlfriend for a week they found concrete evidence of her infidelity.

On one occasion his girlfriend meets the other man at the park for some smooching. Next they are seen at the coffee shop and eventually end up back at the other man’s house. All of the evidence of cheating is there so now it is time to confront this cheating girlfriend.
They catch up to the pair leaving a bar. The boyfriend ask his girlfriend what is going on but before she can answer the two men start fighting. The bodyguards break up the fighting men and the cheating girlfriend screams out that she is sorry and that she intended on telling him the truth.
The couple tries to talk things over and she claims that she was confused. The woman and her boy toy try to leave the scene and the heartbroken boyfriend runs after the other man for another fight.