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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Man Catches Cheating Fiance

A man suspicious of his fiance has cheaters setup surveillence in his home. They quickly discover that his bride to be has been having an affair with her maid of honor's boyfriend. They decide to confront the cheating oman at her bachlorette party.

When they arrive all of the women are curious to what is going on. The truth is suddenly revealed most importantly to the maid of honor. The two women begin to fight but are soon broken up by the staff. The maid of honor locates her boyfriend and attacks him.

The boyfriend comes over to the party to strighten things out but finds himself in a fight with the man about to get married. As they go at it some more so do the women. Finally the police arrive and break up the mayhem. The host of cheater is arrested and taken to jail.

As a follow-up the woman caught cheating fell into deep depression after the show. She ended up checking herself into a psychiatrist hospital.