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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Man Cheating With Neighbor

This cheating husband leaves his wife at home while he takes his neighbor around town. He is spotted at the movies with his mistress in whom he never takes his wife. After seeing the tape with all of the signs of infidelity, the wife wants to confront her cheating husband.

The cheaters are currently at the bar having a drink. The wife walks in with the host of cheaters and the camera crew to get to the bottom of this infidelity. The wife is clearly upset that her cheating husband is cheating on her with the neighbor taking her out for drinks and movies. 

The cheating husband's only response is I am just trying to be a good neighbor.At this point the wife slaps him upside his head and threatens to take half of his retirement check. They all leave the bar and as the host of cheaters talks to the mistress, the distraught wife puts her husband in a headlock to show her displeasure.

Next the husband gets in the car and the cheating neighbor tries to get in the car with him. The wife refuses to let her bitch of a neighbor get in the car that she paid for. She jumps in the car and takes the keys in an effort to leave the cheaters stuck having to find a different ride home.

In the follow-up the wife has left her cheating husband. The cheating man has moved in with his neighbor and still denies his infidelity with the neighbor.