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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Man Cheats on Fiance With Fat Deaf Woman

This woman's boyfriend recently proposed to her. In an attempt to verify she made the right choice to marry him she has the cheaters crew follow her fiance. When show the footage the detectives captured, she immediately identifies the woman found spending time with her man.

The large woman was he best friend in college. As the host continues to show her the footage, it is clear he is having an affair with the other woman. The pair are currently at the club and it is time for the confrotation. When they arrive at the club the DJ say "Cheaters are in the building". The upset woman runs over to them and smacks he old best friend in the face.

Next she takes off the engagement ring and throw it at her cheating fiance. He begs for forgiveness but she holds her ground. She attacks the woman againg and leavezs the building. Her unfaithful fiance follows her outside where he continues to beg for forgivness on his knees. She calls him an idiot for cheating on her with a fat retarded deaf girl.

In the follow-up she said she will never forgive him or her ex-best friend for what they have done. The cheating man admits to a weakness for plus size women.