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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Woman Cheating With Boyfriends Cousin

After there was evidence that his girlfriend was cheating, cheaters had him place a hidden camera inside his apartment. After reviewing the tape it is quickly discovered that the man having an affair with his girlfriend is his cousin. More hidden camera footage show the two heading oof to his bedroom to have sex.

The couple are currently together at a local club so they proceed to confront the two. After arriving the boyfriend immediately confronts his cheating girlfriend and traitor cousin. The club owners make the group go outside to resolve the matter.

When they get outside the cheating duo deny the claims being made. The two cousin soon get into a shoving match but are quickly broken up by the security group. After broken up the sell out cousin continues to try to attack even after the boyfriend enters the van. After repeated attempts to enter the van the cheating girlfriend comes to pick him up and leave the scene.

In a follow-up the boyfriend is shocked at what the two had done. The girlfriend continues to deny the affair and the cheating cousin got agitated and hung up on the interviewer.