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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Married

After following the suspected cheater, the private investigators quickly realized that the man they are following is seeing another woman. After further investigation they find cheating man is not just cheating on his girlfriend but is cheating on his wife.

The host know that the married man is having a picnic with his wife and relatives. The upset girlfriend decides it is best to confront him now in front of everyone. When the crew arrives she quickly hops out of the van and approaches the unfaithful man. She shoves him and his wife quickly jumps in the middle to protect him.

Once the angry girlfriend explains her story, the wife jumps in on her cheating husband. The husband denies the whole thing and claims he has been set up. The girlfriend pulls out the emails of promises and shoves them in his face. Next the wife grabs a pan of baked beans off the picnic table and throws them in her husband's face.

The crew leaves with the girlfriend. The wife and her family abandon the cheating husband.