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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Facts about Cheating Husbands

Many of today’s couples end up filing divorce without even thinking that their children will suffer the most. Wives should be observant and don’t let mistakes pass without talking things with your husband. Cheating husbands these days are common but there are ways to put an end to infidelity. There are some facts that you should know in order to cope with this type of problem.


Did you know according to statistics, 50% of husbands cheat at a certain point? With the widespread use of the internet, husbands have a chance to meet with other women through online chat rooms. There are even times when they schedule their sexual encounters without the knowledge of the inexperienced wife. Men who earn huge income are likely to cheat in comparison to those with low salaries. This is because wealth can attract opportunities to cheat and it’s a proven fact that most women like men who are rich.


Cheating husbands will most likely leave their family once they have an affair. It’s typical for men to choose a younger woman. Aside from having an affair with a certain woman, men also enjoy one-night stands and they are not very picky as long as they can have sex. Statistics also reveal that men tend to be serial cheaters; this means that once a husband cheats, he is likely to repeat it again and again.


These are alarming facts on cheating husbands and as the ‘light of home’ wives should take time in observing the behavior of their spouse. There are common signs that you should take note which indicates cheating. You don’t need to be an expert or a spy to find proof. It is never a good idea to confront your husband about cheating issues unless you have significant proof. This is one way of giving your husband a chance to throw back the faults on you – he will accuse you of manipulating his life or he can say that you’re a nagger. To avoid this, you must deal with the situation calmly and carefully.


There are proven ways to catch cheating husbands. With a bit of knowledge on snooping around, you can find evidence that you can use to put an end to your misery. You don’t have to put up with a cheating spouse. If you know that you can stand alone without him and that you want to put an end to your miseries, these facts can help you.