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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

How to Catch Your Husband Cheating

Catching cheating husbands can prove to be very difficult. Most wives don’t have any idea on how to investigate their husbands.  Most cheating husbands go undetected because the game rules tend to favor of cheaters.

They Exploit Your Trust

Most wives want to believe what their husbands tell them. Trust creates a strong sense of comfort and security in a relationship. No wife would really want to think her husband is lying to her, especially about infidelity.  Most of the time, it’s more convenient to believe a husband’s pleasant lie than acknowledge the devastating truth.

As a matter of fact, most wives exert considerable but unconscious effort in overlooking the possibility that they have cheating husbands because acknowledging it proves to be very painful. This could be the reason wives are typically the last ones to know. Knowing causes a faithful wife the most pain. 

Cheating husbands take advantage of this. Cheating husbands often exploit their wives’ strong desire to trust. They always tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Signs of Cheating Husbands

Clues of infidelity may vary widely depending on the situation. So compiling an accurate list of behavior clues is close to impossible. In fact, so many of these “lists” are available these days that knowing which one to believe becomes very hard.

A change in behavior can be due to a multiple of possible reasons. A husband’s sudden interest in bowling could be caused by some other reason. A change in behavior cannot be explained as easily as we like.

Suspicion Helps Cheating Husbands

Also, searching for signs of cheating tends to fuel one’s suspicion and the way wives generally handle their suspicions actually helping their cheating husbands.  Suspicion is difficult to hide. People who are suspicious often reveal them by making instant accusations, being anxious, acting insecure or being overly inquisitive.

Cheating husbands are constantly on the lookout for any signs of suspicion from their wives. And when a cheater detects suspicion, he will simply adjust his behavior to better conceal his affair.  Simply put, suspicion may help cheating husbands cheat more efficiently. When your husband is cheating and your suspicions and doubts are obvious, it will be more difficult to uncover the truth.

So, How Do You Really Catch Him?

If you suspect your husband, do not confront him until you have concrete proof.  Although it’s helpful to share most of your relationship problems with your husband, this should NOT be the case when infidelity is involved. Almost all cheating husbands will not admit their guilt unless presented with hard evidence.

Some even continue to lie even when solid evidence is presented. While many tactics can be used to make your partner more truthful, most of these do not work with infidelity.  Despite all these, several practical methods of catching cheating husbands exist. And all of them involve careful observation and surveillance. While these methods may raise ethical issues, they have been proven to be effective.  The only question is, how far will you go to get hard proof that you husband has been cheating on you?