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Is he cheating?

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Is My Husband Cheating

The question is all over the internet, in hair salons and in the back of every married woman's mind.  Is my husband cheating? Before we can attempt to answer this question we have to start at the beginning. When I say the beginning, I do not mean the beginning of your relationship; I am talking about the beginning of mankind.
Since the beginning of time men and women have been very different. In most cases it seems like a perfect fit, the skills and traits that a woman lacks is made up by a man and vice versus. Men are naturally physically stronger and think from a logical perspective and women are more nurturing and think from an emotional perspective. When you combine these attributes you end up with a well balanced pair that can accomplish all of the obstacles in life. Although the combination of these strengths is very powerful, there are many side-effects as well.
All species on this planet share one common trait that is programmed in our DNA.  That trait would be to pro-create, there is an unstoppable force that drives us to do this.  The force in men stems from the chemical testosterone. This chemical is very powerful and creates sex drive and other protective qualities. The force in women is the chemical estrogen which enables women to nurture the offspring to maturity.
Let's take a look at the sexual anatomy of men versus women.  Men are equipped with a penis and testacies which produce millions of sperm.  All of these sperm are candidates to become a human life.  Women are equipped with a vagina and ovaries which produce 1 egg each month.  In the event a woman becomes pregnant, her ability to procreate additional offspring is delayed for 10 plus months.
From a technical perspective, a man could spread his seed to thousands of women from the age of 13 until death.  So what is stopping this from occurring? Society is.  Our society has slowly shifted from men roaming free spreading their seed to being expected to stay in a committed monogamous relationship.
This transition has been critical to the success of our society. Life has become more about quality of life than quantity of life.  Men, being the logical thinkers that they are, have accepted this transition however they have had trouble with the reality it poses, specifically suppressing the natural drive to spread their seed.
Now back to the question "Is my husband cheating?" In today's society there are plenty of distractions and alternatives to cheating that a man may choose to accept.  Most men are distracted from their natural instinct by their career and fulfilling their other natural instincts protection and providing. They are filling their time with sports, movies and other activities.  Most men also turn to pornography and masturbation for their sexual desires, however some do more.
There is a common saying "Men are as faithful as their options". So to start answering the question "Is my husband cheating?" you have to wonder what are my husband's options? To determine his options you need to accurately answer the following questions
  • Is your husband attractive?
  • Is your husband rich?
  • Is your husband powerful? (holding a high position at work)
  • Is your husband extraverted
If you have answered yes to all of these questions then your husband is at high risk of cheating. Here is a breakdown of why. 
Attractive men can be broken down into two categories. Some attractive men have been attractive their entire lives and some have grown into being attractive. The ones that have been attractive their whole lives are used to women gravitating towards them because of their good looks. This carries on through the marriage and the temptation sometimes gets the best of them. The men who have grown into being attractive are sometimes overwhelmed with the sudden interest from many women and soon fall victim to the temptation.
Rich men can also be broken down into two categories. Some rich men have been rich their whole lives and some have recently become rich. The ones that have been rich their whole lives are used to women gravitating towards them because of their money. They are also used to being aggressive to women because they have money. Men that have recently become rich are likely to fall to temptation due to women gravitating to them.
Powerful men naturally draw women to their surroundings. Women in most cases are submissive and like a man to be in control and hold a high position. Powerful men are at the highest risk of infidelity.
Extraverted men are very friendly and outgoing. What may have started as a friendly gesture can quickly escalate into an extramarital affair with another woman.
The four categories above typically have more options in women. If a man is constantly presented with options he may cheat on his wife. If your husband does not meet the criteria above it does not mean you are in the clear, it simply means he is probably not presented with options on a regular basis.
Men who have fewer or no options are also likely to cheat however they typically cheat though different means. Some husbands cheat on their wives with prostitutes or escorts. This option presents less risk for a man and eliminates any sort of emotional connection with a woman.
So with the question “Is my husband cheating? “, is not a simple one to answer. Hopefully I have given you some insight to help determine if he is at risk of cheating. For more information please read Signs of Infidelity in men.