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Online Sleuthing

People who are having a hard time catching cheating husbands, usually turn to the internet for help. It might not be a good source of information, but it can lead to clues as to what are their husbands true character is on the internet. There are tons of ways to catch cheating husbands on the internet, so in this article, we will showcase some of the tactics used online that has been tried and tested.

Here are some tips on how to use online social media tools to catch cheating husbands:

1. Social Network – Create a pseudo social network account and populate it with random friends (invite random friends). After a week or so, once you have reached a good number of friends, invite your husband as a friend on your pseudo account. If he clicks accepts, then the main goal has been reached. Take note that there are tons of social media networks but choose the one which you are comfortable in, in terms of navigation.

2. Search – If your husband has a pseudo, a nick name or a gamer tag online, use search to delve deep to find which sites has your husband been going to like adult forums, personal blog, etc. If you can’t find anything, use the usual search keyword like his name or his e-mail to increase the chances of finding the right info.

3. Chat – Use a friend, a relative or even a professional to help you in this tactic. They key to all of this is to know your husband’s Instant Messenger address. This way, they can then add your husband and chat with them. Make sure you sit down with your helpers to discuss about the tactics that you would be using. The plan has to be streamlined to such an extent that it is believable.

4. E-mail – The oldest form of online sleuthing if you do not have access to your husband’s email account. The tactic is simple, to email him to see if he responds and from there, move the conversation to another topic. This is effective since you can reply any time that you want compared to instant messengers where critical thinking is required.

Once you are able to acquire enough evidence, you can then copy the conversations or you can even print it as a form of solid evidence to catch cheating husbands on the act. Hope that the tips provided above would help you in more ways than one. Good luck!