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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Seeking Help after an Experience with a Cheating Husband

Not all women are willing to give up their family life. In fact, there are those who plan to save the marriage after infidelity. Cheating husbands is no longer a new topic these days since statistics reveal that around 50% of men cheat. If your husband cheats on you and he wants to take full responsibility of his actions, there are still ways to live together peacefully. For one, you can benefit greatly from marriage counseling.


In the US, it’s typical for husbands to have extramarital affairs. Marriage is sacred and in the modern world, it is a scary and grim reality that husbands can afford to cheat. The question now is this – why do men cheat? Cheating husbands have various reasons and this can include higher sex drive, influenced by friends, or they simply want to have many women in their life.


It can be hard for a wife to forgive her husband. Some women are vengeful when infidelity sets in but there are wives out there who are still willing to forgive. Marriage is a bond that is based on unconditional love and trust. When a husband cheats, trust is surely broken but if the couple is willing to save their marriage, it can be possible.


To make this a reality, cheating husbands should accept their disrespectful and despicable behavior. Regardless of the problems that the couple has encountered, it is still not enough reason to cheat. A man who continues to blame his wife for his infidelity is someone who doesn’t deserve another chance. The husband should be accountable for his actions and must understand that he has broken their marital vow.


There is no sense in denying the cheating issue. You can’t expect short term improvements if the couple denies that something happened. They should learn to face such issues in order to come up with ways to save their marriage. Without proper guidance, the wives will continue to ignore the anger that they are feeling until they finally explode. Through marriage counseling, the couple will know what to do. The trials will be dealt with properly if there is a third party or mediator.


Professionals can help a couple in identifying the core issues. However, if the husband is not willing to cooperate, there is no way in resolving the problem. Cheating husbands deserve another chance but only if they are willing to work hard on it.