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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Should I Leave Him

Caught your husband cheating on you? Well, the most common thing that would flash on your mind is to definitely leave him right there and then. Now, is that true? Or did the opposite came to mind?

Majority of wives cannot tolerate such behaviour especially since it happened already and cannot be undone no matter what they do as it will just haunt them every time their cheating husbands leave for work. But some wives do love their husband to such an extent that they are not willing to leave their husbands even if they cheat multiple times.

In the end, it falls down to the wives entirely on what should they do about their cheating husbands. Such decisions are usually hard if one is not ready to break everything that they had built together.

So, here are some basic questions that I will ask you and from there, be able to make a decision about cheating husbands. I hope that this would help you make the right decisions:

1. Is this the first time that have you caught your husband cheating on you? Do you have solid evidence proving that he cheated on you? Are you sure that it is not hearsay or a misinterpretation?

2. If this is not the first time, then, why not leave him? Have you told this to your close friends or family yet? How did it go and what was their suggestion?

3. Do you love your husband even though he cheated? Is he a good provider? Are you afraid that you might never find someone like him anymore? Take note that as long as the wife did not sign any pre-nuptial agreement before they got married, you are entitled to an amount when they leave their cheating husbands.

4. If you still do not want to leave your husband, then the question would be: Do you think that he would be able to change for the better? Do you think that he just needs help? Have you told him yet about catching him red handed? What was his reaction?

5. Did you ask him if he still loves you? Have you told him about his responsibilities as a husband?

Always remember that once aggression and violence begins in the household, cheating husbands will not cease doing it for they already know that you will not budge. If that escalates, please call the local authorities as it is the only option that will stop him from further violence.