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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Signs That Point to Cheating Husbands

It seems that most women feel that there is something wrong with the marriage. The wives rely on their instincts a lot in situations like this. Perhaps you have noticed that your husband is always working late or he appears to be distant. There are even times when your husband leaves home without even saying goodbye. Despite your efforts to talk about the problem, he denies your accusations. The signs are too obvious but you can’t do anything because you have insufficient proof. Here are some signs that you need to watch out because they all point to cheating husbands.


Sign #1 – Your husband tells you that he loves you but then he feels that he’s not in love with you. This is one of the biggest signs that you should take notice. His thinking becomes skewed and this is primarily because of the passion that he’s feeling for another woman.


Sign #2 – Your husband suddenly asks for privacy. Take note of the things that you’re used to doing together and when he starts to put security on his computer activities, or perhaps you no longer see his credit card or cell phone bills, take it as a sign.


Sign #3 – Cheating husbands tell their wives that the woman is their friend. Well, you can take this as a sign especially if your husband spends more time with his ‘friend’ thanwith you. This can be the start of extra-marital affairs that you have to put an end at the earliest possible time.


Sign #4 – He asks for space to think things over. This is an indication that your husband is confused or stressed out because he torn between his new love and his family.


Sign #5 – Regular working hours become odd. Cheating husbands tend to go home late or they go to work even on weekend and holidays. If this is not even close to your husband’s work habit, you need to watch out.


These are just five of the common signs of cheating husbands. It is important that you watch out for such signs to prevent potential problems in the future. If there are unexplained receipts, unexpected absences, missing clothing, and many other obvious signs, it’s time to act. You have to talk things over and it would be best to find proof first before you confront him. Without evidence, you will just look like a nagging wife.