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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Signs of a Cheating Husband

You had exchanged vows, promised that you will love each other for the rest of your lives. Then after months or even years of being together as husband and wife, he suddenly became distant and spends many hours out of the house. You begin to wonder what’s wrong. You have a gut-wrenching feeling that you have a cheating husband under your roof but you need proof before you can confront him.

If you think your husband is cheating on you but don’t quite know how to tell if he really is, then read on. You might find some signs here that you see in your husband as well.

  • He stays late at the office. Sure, he can always say that they have a busy week at the office or that his boss or some work is keeping him out that late. However, if this has been going on for some weeks, it’s possible it’s not work that keeps him out late.
  • He avoids talking on the phone when you are around. If it’s a friend, a colleague, or a relative calling, then what is preventing him from answering the phone? Other indications like quickly ending the call when you suddenly pop in the picture and talking in whispers every time you’re near are possible signs that you have a cheating husband.
  • He suddenly needs some privacy. This is really suspicions especially if you two used to share everything. If he gets upset when you touch his phone or his laptop, then there may be things that he does not want you to find out. 
  • His expenses balloon. Unexplained receipts and credit card charges are sure signs that your cheating husband is spending the money on someone else.
  • He asked for some space. It’s a real warning sign when he wants to have some time alone or be away from the family for a while. It can indicate confusion on the mind of your cheating husband and he might be trying to sort out his feelings for you by asking for more space.
  • He spends too many hours on the computer, especially if he thinks you’re already asleep. A cheating husband will pretend to work on the computer until his spouse falls asleep. He might not even stay on the room and take his laptop outside so he won’t be found out. If your husband is spending too much of his online time in social networking sites, chat rooms or even pornographic sites, then there is reason to be alarmed.
  • His behavior and habits change. He suddenly wants to look good even if you’re not going on a date. He becomes less comfortable when you are around. He wants to experiment on unfamiliar sex techniques, or worse, he doesn’t want to make love with you anymore.

These are telltale signs that you have a cheating husband. Although these are not enough to tell if he is indeed having an affair, these can surely signify that he is keeping secrets that he doesn’t want you to find out.