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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Why Men Cheat

More and more women nowadays are asking about the reasons why husbands cheat. Let me compile the most common questions that I have been receiving from our visitors:

1. What are the basic characteristics of cheating husbands? What makes them cheat?

2. Is there a solution to prevent such occurrence?

3. Why now? What have I done wrong that he is looking for another?

Well, from what I have gathered through my research, these are the basic reasons why husbands cheat:

1. Money – When your husband reaches a turning point in life where he starts earning a good amount of money, chances are, he will be experimenting on what he can do in order to enjoy the fruits of his labour. This is actually a common phase among men whom for the first time, has tasted a good year in terms of finances. In order to avoid such things from happening, it is prudent to surrender your pay check to your wife for her to instead balance the finances for the family thus preventing occurrences of urges to cheat.

2. Sex – Sad to say, we all know that men have to satisfy their urges one way or the other. But there comes a time when sex is not happening anymore especially in a marriage. Craving for sex usually signals husbands to look for ways in order to satisfy their urges. This is the most dangerous of time and should be prevented because once your husband begins looking and tasting other women, the probability that he will do it again would increase. So, as a wife, one must always monitor such signs from their husbands.

3. Boredom – Men tend to get bored easily through a lot of factors (getting old, stagnant job, no thrills anymore, no sense of direction, etc). Once this boredom prolongs, men, especially cheating husbands will always look for ways to get back the thrill which they are craving for. This usually starts with flirting with other women, etc. In order to avoid such things from happening, always make plans ahead like travelling together, take up a new hobby, exercise together or learn a new sport. This way, boredom can slowly be eliminated.

Hope that these basic insights would answer some of the questions about cheating husbands that have been nagging wives for a while. Always remember that communicate and trust is the key to enjoy a healthy relationship and prevent husbands from looking in other directions.