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Divorce and Emotional Grieving

Going through a divorce means going into an emotional grieving for many couples who are ending up their marriage. Different people may experience differently too. Some can move on fast while others take years and years of sorrow and grief. Also, some people may go through almost all the possible extreme states of emotion, other may have much easier time in getting through this time and maneuver skillfully in these wavy waters of marriage life. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all these grieving emotions are just normal. The wide range of these emotional states that people may experience during the divorce’s early stages can usually lessen the individual’s capacity to clearly think, judge, and make decisions that are rational.

If you experience grief and sorrow when your marriage ended, you only feel as natural as it can be, but very painful. Nevertheless, grief is such a healthy response of emotion when there is an important relationship loss. While these emotions can very difficult to handle, many people understand and also accept that these feelings are inevitable.

The impact of the divorce is as painful as when an immediate family died but just like many other things, it has a beginning, middle, and an end. Though the feelings of sorrow and grief may seem to not end, the confusion and pain that surrounds the divorce can gradually lighten and in time will go away. Some people may recover for 3 to 4 years and some may be much quicker or much longer.

There are different grieving stages and the first one is denial where you are denying the situation. Next is resentment and anger. Then there is the bargaining stage, depression, and finally the acceptance and moving on. Understanding the mentioned stages can really be helpful to people undergoing or undergone divorce. It is very essential to know that when you are still on the early stages of this feeling of grief and process of recovery, it can be a challenging task to think appropriately and more clearly or to come into a good decision at all and make yourself well.

Knowing what stage of grief and recovery you are in and being aware of your situation is a very essential step in ensuring that you will surely make the only best choice you can possible make. This will definitely help you in moving on in this grieving and sorrowful situation.