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Factors That Can Lead to a Divorce

Any married couple would tell that marriage is both bitter and sweet. At the beginning of every happy marriage, divorce is never considered an option. But sadly as time goes on and husbands and wives start to see differences, the option of a divorce resurfaces.


A divorce is always painful.  It’s hard to admit that something that started beautifully has to end. It’s even more painful for couples who have children. But divorce is part of an inevitable reality. It is however a choice from both parties to work up and save the marriage or to let it go. Below are some of the usual reasons why a marriage ends up in divorce.


  • Cheating – When you are in a relationship as serious as marriage, you make a promise of fidelity. Your partner will always expect you to be truthful and loyal, which is why cheating is painful. Cheating is forgivable but more often than not unforgettable. Once you cheat it will leave a scar on your partner. When you cheat, trust is lost and when there is no trust, a relationship would not work.


  • Money matters – Love is not enough to keep you both alive, not when you have children to feed, children to send to school, a house to maintain and bills to pay. That is why many state that money matters is one of the leading causes of divorce.


  • Lack of sex – Marriage is the time when you and your partner are both free to enjoy each other. Sex is part of your relationship. It’s way to get closer, more intimate with your partner. When romance lacks, both grow distant and apart. The flame cools off and if not sustained, the flame wears out.


  • Children – One wants to have kids and start a family, the other would disagree and feel that it’s not the right time yet. This is one of the many popular reasons why a marriage leads to a divorce. Having kids is a big responsibility. Both husband and wife must decide in agreement their plans on how and when to build their family.


  • Job – Before marriage a job as a waitress doesn’t bother him, his job as a 24/7 business man doesn’t affect her. But upon entering marriage everything about your job matters to your partner. Are you too busy with work? Is your work sufficient enough to pay the bills? All the things that weren’t discussed before becomes a big deal. And again, if not fixed these disagreements about work may lead to a divorce.