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Is he a cheater?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Moving Forward

Getting a Divorce is a big step back to independence. But before you embark on that, I do have some questions first. These are common questions that we usually ask people before they decide on a divorce:

1. Are you certain that you want a divorce? Or do you just need space?

2. Do you have kids? What would happen to them now? Have you told them about the situation?

3. How about your family and close friends? Have you talked to them and asked for their thoughts?

4. Have you spoken to a divorce attorney yet? Have they explained to you clearly about the legal process in terms of getting a divorce?

5. Are you ready to move on?

If all of your answers above are a yes, then, it I am pretty sure that you have made your mind already. Well, here are some basic tips to assess the situation if you have not done the above yet:

1. Assess the situation first and the impact that it would cost to yourself and your family. Sometimes, rash decisions are bad decisions as they are fuelled by hate and anger. Ask yourself if you are just looking for space, then take or plan a vacation to soothe your emotions.

2. Talk to your children (if ever you have children) about the plan that you have in mind and ask for their opinion.

3. Talk to your close friends and families about your planned decision. They might offer some advice and even help you in your situation. Many people believe that they have to solve their own personal problems. Well, that is the part where they are plain wrong. This is a major decision in your life and you have to make sure that you get the most honest opinions out of your close friends and families.

4. Look for an experienced divorce attorney as they can tell you about the legal process involved in a opting for a divorce. This way, you would be able to know what your rights are and what would be the best course of action. Firms usually give out free consultation first before you decide to sign the paperwork so don’t worry if you can’t decide yet.

5. Well, when you are ready, talk to your partner and tell them about the plan. It is always best to not burn the bridge and at the same time, put the situation to a close. Closure soothes the emotions and it is highly recommended in order to move on properly.