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Throw a Divorce Party

In some cultures, it is customary to end a funeral with a feast. So if you can throw a party for a death, why not for a divorce? Now, that is something to think about. If you can celebrate the start of a marriage, why not celebrate the end of it?

It used to be that everybody who gets a divorce just wants to forget about the whole thing quickly. Today, some people are choosing to throw a divorce party. To the divorcing couple, it can be the symbol of a new beginning, a rebirth or simply another chance at life.

So take your friends out or hold a party. Many have taken this opportunity to celebrate their new freedom and escape from an unpleasant situation. Numerous parties have started with a burning of the ex-husbands prized bowling trophy, a dartboard contest with the ex-spouse’s face imprinted across the board or a bonfire consisting of “conjugal property” on the beach surrounded by friends and singing along to “I don’t need a man”, and “I will survive”. If you do not want to indulge in anger, you can have a nice dinner with wine and piano music or you can go the other way and do it with confetti, balloons, food and party music.

You can find in divorced-diva.com a variety of symbolic gift items ranging from “just divorced” license plates to separate groom and bride cake statues. In weddingringcoffin.com they sell a small coffin where you can place your wedding rings and bury it six feet under or just have it tossed in the ocean. In Japan an entrepreneur rents you a small function room for 600 dollars where he performs divorce ceremonies. In such a ceremony he smashes your wedding rings with a massive hammer and a feast follows where the couple is seated back to back and on opposing tables. After the feast the couple gives each other a bow, and goes their separate ways. It sounds strange but compared to parting with bitterness and recriminations, a divorce party is certainly a more civil and interesting beginning to a new life.

Yes, divorces are painful, but you are not required to dwell on the negative. You can think of it as marking a new beginning accompanied with new opportunities. The key here is to remind everyone and yourself that the purpose is to accept the reality of the divorce, move on and maybe celebrate a little.