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Is he cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Cheating Husband

Is my husband cheating? That is the question that is being asked more often than ever across the US. Although over 90% of people across the nation agree that adultery is wrong, it sure hasn’t caused cheating to slow down. Recent studies actually indicate that over 60% of men will have an affair at some point in their marriage.

What causes a husband to cheat on his wife?

  • You have fallen out of love with her – When men no longer are in love with their wife, more often than not, they will seek physical gratification through an affair.
  • Lack of physical attraction - Over time woman can become comfortable in the relationship and quit doing the things that keep her alluring to her husband. If a man doesn’t feel sexually attracted to his wife, the chances of infidelity greatly increase.
  • Husbands get away with cheating – Women are much less likely to end the relationship if they catch their spouse having an affair. That in turn gives men a false sense of security that even if they get caught the relationship will survive.
  • A great opportunity presented itself – Men universally have proven that they are unable to say no. If the man feels that he is presented with a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to cheat, he probably will.
  • Wife is always complaining – If a man feels that his wife is always nagging and complaining, he is more likely to have an extramarital affair to make up for the misery he is experiencing at home.
  • Ego Boost – Some men cheat on their wife simply to boost their own self esteem. Men want to feel like they are wanted by the opposite sex.
  • Men feel they can out smart their wife – Typically men feel that they can get away with cheating because they are more intelligent and or crafty then their spouse.
  • Cheating is exhilarating – With Some men cheating is simply about the adrenalin rush of knowing that they are doing something wrong. This excites some men and breaks up the monotony of daily life.
  • Revenge – Some men cheat on their wife for the mere fact that their wife previously cheated on them.
  • She doesn’t put out – Some men simply cheat on their wife because their wife isn’t meeting their sexual needs.

How can I reduce the chance of my husband cheating?

  • Make your husband feel that you are sexually attracted to him by initiating physical contact.
  • Be open minded to different sexual acts. This will keep on open line of communication between you and your husband in regards to sexual needs. If you are not open minded to trying different sexual acts with your husband, remember someone else might be.
  • Do not be to over accommodating to your husband. The majority of men prefer a little space.
  • Do not try to control everything your husband does. Let him be his own man. Remember he already has a mother.
  • Make sure your husband knows that you love and appreciate him.
  • Give him time to himself. Some men engage in affairs because it makes them feel a sense of freedom from their wife.
  • Control your emotions. Women can change a whole mood or atmosphere just with a look.

My husband cheated can my marriage be saved?

The answer is yes, but it will take a strong commitment from both parties. In months following the affair the relationship might even feel like a roller coaster at times, but ironically as it might sound; only 17% of divorces are caused by infidelity. Affairs affect 1 in every 2.7 marriages and many marriages have ended up not only surviving the affair, but also prospering. If you catch your husband cheating and would like to be in the 76% of couples who survive the affair, you should consider a few basic steps. Make sure that your husband comes completely clean about the affair, make sure all contact between your husband and the other party is severed, and try to seek out professional help.