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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Is My Spouse Cheating

Remember there is no one silver bullet that will answer the question above without solid proof. Listed below are some of the most well known and clear cut red flags for spouses who are participating in infidelity. Please remember that only you know what behavior is normal or abnormal for your spouse.

Signs that your spouse is cheating

  • Password protection - If you notice that your spouse has recently added pass codes to their cell phone and or other mobile devices this should serve an immediate red flag. You have to ask yourself, if my spouse isn’t cheating why the newly found need for privacy?
  • Text & phone call deletion - If your spouse that has nothing to hide, why would they delete who they communicated with? With recent technological advances it is pretty clear that the memory in mobile devices is large enough to hold text messages and calls without any ill effects on performance.
  • New found self absorption - If you find that your spouse has a new found obsession with their body image and is doing things that are uncustomary that it is a red flag. Are they trying to impress someone that they have their eye on? Are they trying to look more attractive for the person that they are currently involved in infidelity with?
  • New Increased work schedule - Has your spouse began working odd and long hours unexpectedly? Studies suggest that 75% of cheating men and 65% of cheating women admit to having sex with people they work with.
  • Increased unexplained spending - If you find that your spouse is spending more money and can’t explain where the money is going, please remember that this is a huge red flag. Consider asking for receipts, this will help you locate where the money is going? Did your spouse check into a hotel with a person of the opposite gender without your knowledge? Is your spouse spending the family’s money to lavish the other person with gifts?
  • Perfume or cologne odor - Did your spouse come home smelling like perfume or cologne? Subtle signs like these should definitely make your take a closer look at the possibility of infidelity.
  • Something just doesn’t feel right - Follow your intuition, you know your spouse better than anyone. Even before you notice physical signs of cheating, you may have a gut feeling that your spouse is cheating. Remember it is imperative that you do not dismiss your gut feeling.

Once you notice that your spouse is exhibiting some or many of the signs listed above you will then have to make clear cut decisions on how to proceed. Some people will address the issues with the suspected cheater and try to nip things in the bud before they get worse. Others will not indicate that they feel their spouse is cheating and initiate investigative techniques.

At PlayerBlock, we cannot tell you which of these techniques will have the best end result. All we can tell you is that you need to do something to find out if infidelity is taking place. If you do find out that your spouse is cheating and you decide that you want your marriage to move on, you will have to make sure that the cheating spouse totally disconnects from the person who they engaged in the infidelity with. Also please remember that because an extramarital affair took place it doesn’t mean that it is impossible for the marriage to be mended. Studies actually suggest that 1 in every 2.7 couples have to deal with infidelity of some sort and furthermore only 22% of marriages that had an instance of infidelity ended in divorce.