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Is my spouse cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

How Many Men Can She Cheat With

The husband gets home from a long day work, opens the front door and yells, "Darling, I'm home"

He walks up to his closet and starts putting away his coat and we see a naked man running across the hall. He looks back and the scene shows the inside of the closet, where another man, naked is hiding behind the clothes.

He walks into the kitchen to find the refrigerator door open, so he wonders why but ends up closing the door and turns around to walk away. Another naked man is hiding behind the open door, covering his private parts.

He takes his tie off and sits at a chair in his office to take his shoes off and takes off from the office. The chair spins around to reveal another man, naked holding on to the back of the chair.

He walks upstairs and goes into the bathroom to wash his face and totally misses another man, naked, in the bath tub who pops his head out for some air from the bubble bath.

He gets into the bedroom to find his wife "sleeping" and gets into bed.He rolls over to hug his wife, who gives him attitude, in her sleep, and turns around to avoide him. There are some socks on the floor and we see arms coming out, from under the bed, to grab the socks to get pulled under the bed.

Mainx Codoms, more choice, more pleasure!