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Is she cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

It is Not My Fault

Wife walks into their bedroom to find his cheating husband in bed with another woman, getting a back massage.

The wife is shocked to see what she is seeing and the husband says, "Mary! It's not what is looks like!"

The wife runs into the bathroom, to get away from her cheating husband, and closes the door. After a few seconds she opens the door and screams at him, "With my bestfriend?" and slams the door shut again.

The husabdn quickly responds and says, "It's not true! You have better ones!" and continues, "You've been away for so long! I couldn't stand it anymore."

The wife opens the bathroom door again and yells, "I just went out for a hair appointment!" and again slams the bathroom door.

The husband, feeling bad, replies, "It's because of the position og Hermes!"

A few moments of silence pass and the husband calls out for her wife, "Mary!...It's OTE's fault..."

The bathroom door opens for the last time and the wife slaps the cheating husband on the face and walks towards the bedroom. The husband is finally releaved that she has calmed down.

"Does it happen that some people under estimate your inteeligence?"

"Careful on how you choose your communications provider!"