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Are they cheating?

Don't Guess.

Who‘s a Cheater

Never Assume the Worst

A trucker, in a cement truck, pulls up to a stop light and admirers a picture of a lovely woman on his dashboard. he gets excited and pulls into the next lane to get through the light faster.

He pulls into his neighborhood to find a blue convertible car outside his house. He parks his truck and again takes a double take of the convertible and continuesto take a peek into his house through a window to see a man handing a woman a bouque of flowers, and giving the woman a hug and kiss, and gets angry. He runs to his cement truck and starts her up.

The truck gets backed up to the blue conertible and he continues to move the cement loader to face the interior of the convertible. With a pull of a lever, tons and tons of cement start pouring into the convertible. He walks back up to the window, smiling to find the two still talking to each other.

The strange man pulls out a huge check that shows a picture of the convertible, and we see the camera crew filming a congratulations video awarding the woman with the convertible.

The wife notices the husband in the window and she starts jumping up and down, waiving the keys to the convertible. the husband cannot believe he just destroyed a gift presented to his wife.